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Emergency Cat Surgery January 18, 2009

So, I was just hanging some pictures in my room, and Istopped to hang out with Mum, Nemo, and my beautiful cat, Lexie, on the bed.

There were these funny little strips of clear thing that were on these picture hanging stickers, and I dropped one on Lexie to see if she would totally attack it. 


We were joking, like, “Don’t eat it, Lexie!”

She ate it.

And Mum bravely tried to rescue the thing from inside Lexie’s mouth and got her hand slashed to pieces. Lexie just made wharfing movements for a few minutes, and she still hadn’t threw it up. So we did a surgery.

Mum held Lexie down and her mouth open, I held a flashlight, and Nemo looked in her throat to find the sticker. We found it on the roof of her mouth. So Nemo takes tweezers and removes the sticker!!!!

We are cat surgeons. 🙂 And Lexie’s okay now.