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Hello, and welcome to a new episode of What’s on Daisy’s Mind! April 26, 2009

Hola! Welcome to a new episode of What’s on Daisy’s *cough cough huge cough* Mind?  Here are some coolio videos. (NOTE: most of these vids aren’t mine, if you have made one of these videos and want them off of this blog, which I can’t see why you would, just ask me to take them off. But please, think of this as free promotion. :D)








If you want more, go to my homepage  http://www.youtube.com/user/bookwormdaisy and look at my favorites! 😀





Unashamed self-promotion

Hey people!


Want to watch cool videos?   I have an answer to your problem!

Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/bookwormdaisy

Okay, yeah. Check out my videos if you feel like it. 😀 Love ya!





My Bizzare Pets April 3, 2009

Hyi, People!!

So, this blog is about my strange pets. Lexie is my awesome cat, and Brandon is my fabulous rabbit. And speaking of Brandon, he’s kind of a hermaphrodite. No. Not really. But we’re unaware as to whether he’s male or female. I know. That’s kinda weird. But it only gets weirder….

One morning, Mum woke up and Lexie was licking her…… EYE. e-y-e, the part of your body you see with.  Another morning, she woke up and I kid you not, Lexie’s butthole was INCHES from her face. That’s happened to me before, too. 😀


One morning, Mum woke up and was staggering through the house, blind (without her glasses) and Lexie runs up and jumps up to her butt and claws it. 🙂 


Frequently, we let Brandon hop around in the living room, and we build him a little blanket fort out of a stool (like a thing you sit on, not like poop) and a blanket, and he hides in it. Well, Lexie, it turns out, loves the blanket fort too, so she scares Brandon away and then sits there inside the fort, purrrring away. 😀

When we bring Brandon up, we set some lettuce and cabbage and stuff on the floor for him to eat. When he doesn’t eat it, Lexie goes over to the greens and I. kid. you. not. she. starts. eating. the. veggies. yes. cat. eating. veggies. So. Freaking. Adorable. 🙂 Then, when Brandon starts eating them, she pounces and makes him stop eating…. or she tries, anyway…. 🙂

Sometimes, Lexie goes up to hard surfaces and starts seizing. Okay. Not totally. But her tail just starts shaking and freakin’ out and it’s so funny! I wonder if she can be diagnosed with, like, tail-epilepsy or something. Not that epilepsy is funny, but your cat’s tail…. shaking… randomly? It’s so weird! 😀


Oh, how I love them!




P.S. More blogs to come! 🙂


What’s up, children? February 19, 2009

Hola! How ya doin’? Cool. I’m good, too. Well, I have a cough. So that sucks. But other than that,  I’m good! 🙂


So, I was thinking… what should I blog about?  I’m goink to talk like zis for ze rest of zis blog post, dahlink. Dis is extremely amusink. I am ‘aving bucketloads of fun. You should really try zis zomeday! And now I vill be givink somethink to amuse you minds…..



Very amusink. Very.