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Quidditch October 3, 2010

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My friend Hannah on Facebook: “On my way home from soccer yesterday and saw people trying to play quidditch… hahahaha that makes me crack up.”

Me: “Haha… I think I actually know those people. Not even kidding.”

It’s true. I just couldn’t be there yesterday.


Happy Happy Happy Shiny! April 19, 2010

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Oh hey! Guess what? It’s SSSSUUMMMMMEEEERRR! Hooray! It’s so pretty outside, and the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming and all that jazz! *happydance!*

I am freaking happy. It’s sunny and warm outside, I’m about to go to the library, I’m trying to convince Nemo that I want to see Riverworld not just because Tahmoh Penikett’s is the main character, but also because it looks sort of awesome and it’s based on a sci fi classic. Life is good. This is awesome.

Today is awesome because:

-It’s nice outside!

-It’s 5:55, and that’s lucky.

-MattandLaurenaregettingmarried awwwwwww!

-My nail polish is shiny!

-And sparkly.

-I’m blogging about shininess and Tahmoh Penikett.

-I’m listening to “This is a Power Ballad” by Tom Riddle and Friends.

-I currently have Facebook on the “Pirate” language setting.

-I’m wearing a tank top, which pretty much means that summer’s here in my book.

-I’m looking at a picture of me and my cousin Boo when we were really little. Awww!

-We’re making pizza.

-I’ve started re-watching Battlestar for the third time.

-I talked to Cate yesterday!

-I quoted Sam Anders in the grocery store today.


Awesome: The awesome list above.

Unawesome: Our bathroom is apparently being infested with wasps and I would really like to bathe.


Twenty things about me. April 18, 2010

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Oh hey! It’s 8:55 and I have to hurry ’cause I forgot to blog, but I don’t want to leave you with a paragraph-long, boring post. Therefore, I’ve taken the lazy route-20 things about me.

1. I’m a little afraid of Thea’s toaster.

 2. I wanna go swimmin’ in the Enchanted Ceiling. Five million points to your house of choice if you know what song that’s a reference to.

3. I’m in seventh grade, but I skipped fourth.

4. I have tibial torsion, which literally means that my leg bones are twisted, but it’s not as scary as it sounds. I just had to talk about it because it sounds dramatic and I’m a drama queen.

5. My oldest non-related friend is Thea, who (whom?) I met the first day of Kindergarten.

6. I, Allie from Hyperbole and a Half, am super-duper annoyed when people say “alot.” It’s a lot, folks.

7. If I had been a boy, my parents would’ve named me Moses.

8. My actual name is Marguerite.

9. I like knives, but I’m also sort of scared of them ’cause I hate getting hurt.

10. Same with fire.

11. I’ve never liked TV much, but lately I’ve loved watching (and talking about and thinking about and obsessing over) Battlestar Galactica (especially), Caprica, and Archer.

12. It annoys the crap out of me when people use commas like this: this, this and this. No no no. This, this, and this. Two commas. Okay, I know it can go both ways, but it annoys me.

13. I started reading (or, more literally, having my parents read it to me) Harry Potter at age three.

14. I’m in a wrock band called X. Lovegood. We’ve played at the Wampum Willow at Wrockstock twice.

15. I want to be a writer, an actress, and possibly some kind of singer or something when I grow up.

16. I stayed in line at the movie theater from 1:30 p.m. to midnight with Cate for the premiere of Half-Blood Prince. Surprisingly, I didn’t get bored.

17. When I was a baby, I was ridiculously fat.

18. I can never pick a Hogwarts house, so I’m a Ravenpuff.

19. I may have the smallest bathroom in our entire state. Kidding. But still.

20. I’m pretty proud of my kazooing skills.

Awesome: Matt and Lauren are ENGAAAAAGED! Awwwwww! Congratulations, you guys!

Unawesome: My ear itches. It has been itched. That was for you, Cate, by the way. 😀


In which my grandfather is assaulted and I am fed jelly beans. April 16, 2010

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Oh hey!

Today, I’m at my grandma Abby’s house again, and I’m wearing my Wrockstock ’08 T-shirt (the one with the butterfly). My grandpa stared confusedly at it before looking at the back of the shirt, where the band list is printed. He then proceeded to read off the list, which included “Draco and the Molfoys and The Rumpus Lumpins.” Um… not quite. 😉 (That was supposed to be a little winking smiley face, all, “Oh, Grandpa, you’re so funny!”, but it turned out looking all worried.)

So, last night, I went to a little Chinese restaurant with my grandparents. There’s really no good way to introduce this. All I can say is that the Chinese restaurant is owned by a very short, very nice lady named Kim. Right as we opened the door, we saw her and a girl who looked about my age. Kim had brought out a bag of jelly beans and offered the girl some. The girl smiled and took two or three. Kim shook her head, grabbed the girl’s hand, and loaded her with about a million beans.

After a while, Kim came over to our table as we ate and told me to dip the egg roll I was eating into horseradish.

Freaking horseradish, y’all. Yuck. I sort of tried to laugh it off, but then she kept standing there until I ate the frakking horseradish. So I dipped the tiniest portion of the egg roll imaginable into the horseradish sauce. And I ate it.

I actually put so little on I couldn’t taste the sauce. *CRISIS AVERTED!*

But no. That was not all. At one point, she came over to the table to harass my grandpa (Ed, a.k.a. Lyon) because whenever my grandma’s out of town (which she is quite a lot, for business), he comes to Kim’s restaurant, being not that adept at cooking.

Kim: You clean the house for your wife when she’s traveling, Ed! (Then, I swear to All That is Holy, she smacks his freaking arm)

Lyon: Yeah, I… I sometimes clean the house for her.

Kim (to Abby): Does he clean the house for you when you’re out of town?

Abby (laughing): No way.

Lyon: I’m busy!

Kim laughs.

Kim: He brings different girlfriend here every time.

Abby (laughing): Bet they’re not very pretty.

Kim: No, they’re not pretty like you.

At this point, she left and we were left to eat our dinner in temporary peace. When I was full, Abby quickly scooped the rest of my food onto the main platter so Kim wouldn’t see I didn’t eat it all (apparently, she would’ve force-fed it to me).

Right as we were getting ready to leave, Kim brought over, I kid you not, about fifteen or twenty fortune cookies. For real. And then she proceeded to practically force-feed me jelly beans. Then she gave me two lollipops, and kept calling me a “smart lady,” for reasons I have yet to fathom.

Kim: How old are you? Thirteen or fourteen?

Me: Oh, um, twelve.

Kim: Ahh! So tall!

Me: Yeah… tall dad.

Kim: You bring him here next time!

Me: Okay!

Abby: Her mom’s short, though, she’s five-five.

Kim: Oh! Bring your mom, too! Bring whole family!

Me: Yeah!

And that is how I came to be force-fed jelly beans, promised I would bring my whole family to a little Chinese restaurant, and saw my grandpa get assaulted for not cleaning. All in one night. I’m like a champion.

Awesome: Wrockstock, Episode Two.

Unawesome: Uh… I don’t know.


Strange people like this blog. Fine by me. April 6, 2010

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Oh hey!

So, remember back in February when some girl called Abigail commented on a blog I wrote in September? The blog post was totally random and like, “I think I swallowed Chapstick now I’m gonna die yay unicorns!”? And then she commented and said, “This post is actually the best on this laudable topic. I concur with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your future updates. Just saying thanks will not just be adequate, for the exceptional clarity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay up to date of any updates. Solid work and much success in your website promotion!”

I was pretty sure she was mocking me. I don’t think I said so when I posted, but I was pretty sure she was mocking me. That post was about freaking eating Chapstick.

Good lord, children. The plot thickens. I wasn’t originally going to write about this, but I just discovered a weird piece of information. I just checked out this Abigail lady’s blog, and it turns out her name is not Abigail MacPherson like she claimed in the comments.

Her name is Noel Fillipe. She is a freshman at Colegio San Agustin Makati. She is not Abigail MacPherson. And I am supremely confused.

Anyway. Moving right along. What I was originally going to blog about was the fact that someone commented on my blog yesterday. Their name is sami Alam (yes, capitalized like that) and she wrote:

“wow… such a wonderful post…

outstanding balance of lines and words….
Learnt a lot from you….

visit mine… & plz plz plz post your comments….

Thank you…

I’ll be in touch…”

Why the frak is it that whenever I post short, relatively unmeaningful blogs, I get comments from weird strangers? I mean, sami Alam and Abigail MacPherson/Noel Fillipe are really, really nice, but they’re kinda weirding me out. Like, I’m really proud of my blog. I like my blog. But I don’t think my last post was an “outstanding balance of lines and words.” Then again, she said that on a different line than “wow… such a wonderful post…” so maybe she just accidentally deleted a few words and this is the literal translation:

“wow… such a wonderful post (even though there really aren’t any prisoners in Alcatraz anymore)…

(Other blogs have an) outstanding balance of lines and words…

(Some two-year-old probably) Learnt a lot from you…”

I’m not underestimating my writing, I’m quite proud of it, I’m just saying… Wow. Confusion?

Thanks, sami Alam, whoever you are. You’re a nice person.

(Is it me, or does “I’ll be in touch…” sound kinda creepy? XD)

Aaaaand I probably just scared strangers away from commenting on my blog. Hooray! 🙂 That was partly a joke.

Anyway, two new emails from Darren W. Kappes.

(10 Random thoughts before coffee)

I can’t believe I’m a paralegal.  I worked so hard for my position,
and poof!  Demoted by Daisy to paralegal.

If you set up a site where you took people to task and insulted them,
Demoted by Daisy would be an awesome name.

Really, it would be a good name for a heavy metal band, too.

Daisy is the name of my dog.  (Disclaimer: We rescued her.  I did not
name her).

When I see my dog, I think of you.  Then I want to watch BSG.

All this has happened before, and it will all happen again.

Sometimes I get BSG confused with Star Trek: Voyager.  Remember 7 of
9?   Why aren’t sci fi robot women named after a number lower than 5?

7 of 9 is really .777777777.   Which is really, rounding up, 8 out of
10.  🙂   This is my 8th random thought.

HP is the name of your favorite book protagonist, which might have
been printed on an HP printer.

Was everyone born on Caprica born between December 22 and January 19?
And would I have been born on Scorpia?  Would that make me a Scorpion?
Am I mixing concepts here?

Alright, I’m just going to reply to that here.

Naw, you can be an M.D. Demoted by Daisy is an awesome band name, though.

I’m glad your dog makes you want to watch Battlestar! My evil plot is succeed-I mean, I bet your dog is nice.

And again and again and again.

I am ashamed to say that I’m not very familiar with Star Trek, though I assure you I am taking necessary measures to fix this.

Oh. Mygawd. HP… I never even thought about that! Crazy!

Hmmm… I think… I think you’re mixing concepts. 🙂 That would make me from Scorpia, though. They have pretty jungles. Also, I’m pretty sure they have a reputation for being whores, although that could be Canceron. *sigh* I read too much Caprican.

Email Number Two- Just saw on your blog-urgent

Your nails are not polished the same color!  OMG!   I did that once
with socks, and I remember the horror of my friends and family.

I thought I would warn you your nails didn’t match.

Don’t make the same mistake I made with socks.  It’ll haunt you.
Maybe not now, but then someday soon and then for the rest of your
life.  — Casablanca reference.

Teehee! Thanks, Darren. I should’ve realized.

Awesome: Sparklyness.

Unawesome: The fact that I can never remember how to double-space on WordPress (it’s harder than it looks!) so this post probably looks like one big blur.

P.S. If you see comments from someone named Anne, I actually know her so it’s not creepy when she says stuff like “I love you!” I mean, not that I don’t tell strangers I love them on the interwebs all the time. You know, “Hi, Jenny Lawson, I think you’re amazing and I love you and if I was Victor I would totally buy James Garfield for you because I’m committed.”


Virtual Birthday Presents. You’re freaking welcome. March 19, 2010

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Hola! Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day! My Patrick’s Day was super awesome. I was all types of decked out in green. I had my Draco and the Malfoys shirt, I had one green sock, I had pants with green stripes on them, I had a green fuzzy ponytail holder, I had green frakking underwear. Green. Underwear. No lie.

Also, St. Patrick’s Day was the birthday of the lovely and marvelous Maria, who I’ve probably talked about here, and the birthday of my fabulous friends Ben and Alex, who probably wouldn’t appreciate being called lovely. Or fabulous, for that matter. They’re not into fabulousness and sparkles and loveliness the way I am. They’re more masculine, I suppose. Also, yesterday was the birthday of the glorious and sparkly Ruth (who’s not actually sparkly, but whatever)! Anyway. Happy Birthday, guys! Not that it matters, ’cause I don’t think Maria or Ben or Alex or Ruth reads this. XD But in case they are, here you go. Knitting! Puppies! Bunny rabbits! Hot cocoa! (Those were for Maria.) War! Football! Pharaonic Egypt! Physics! (Those were for Ben and Alex.) Puppies! Harry Potter! Nymphadora Tonks! Magic! (Those were for Ruth.) You’re welcome. That was my birthday present to you, marvelous friends. You’re welcome. I love you, little dragons. Now I will resume.

Oooh, and Livestream! I had my second ever Livestream experience on Wednesday night for JFF’s Midnight Tweet! It was very fun, and Danii and Cryssy and Matt and a bunch of wonderful people were there who I got to talk with, and I had fun scream-typing stuff about haggis tacos while everyone puked. And Justin was fantasmical, as usual! I only wish he could have really been there, so I could’ve had a Magic Hug of Wonder.

I finished re-reading the Uglies series as well as Extras, which was, as always, amazing. Scott Westerfeld, you are sort of my hero. One of them. I have a lot of heroes.

Sigh. Quick question. Why the freak hasn’t anyone created hoverboards? Seriously! They would be the best thing EVER! I mean, how hard would it be to install a magnetic grid under the streets everywhere? Psssh. I should just engineer the destruction of humanity. Then people would start inventing. Wow. Sorry. I’ve been reading too much Westerfeld. /rant

In other news, I went to get my freakin’ messed up knees checked out, and I have tibial torsion, which is basically twisted bones. That sounds a lot worse than it actually is. It still hurts, though, so they’re putting me through physical therapy, which I was kind of scared about, but Mum said it’s not bad. For some reason I was picturing Special Circumstances agents watching me, like, run in a giant hamster wheel or something, which is weird, because there’s like, no human testing in Uglies. Huh.

Anyway, I have to go, ’cause Thea and I are going to go see Sherlock Holmes, possibly with Ruth.

Awesome: I’m very excited for Ruth’s birthday party tomorrow, which will be awesome and I’ll tell you about it later!

Unawesome: Overpriced movie theater food. I mean, the food is awesome, the prices are not.

Word of the Day: BSGWithdrawal. Haha. Just kidding. But I seriously need me some Battlestar to keep me sane.


I am disappointed in you, Christopher Columbus March 8, 2010

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Oh hey!

**Here there be spoilers.**

So this weekend, I saw The Lightning Thief with Mum, Nemo, Thea, and Cate.  It was fun, but nowhere near as good as the book. Lemme just make a list of bullet points on my reactions.

-Um, Mrs. Dodds as a Fury? EFFING. SCARY.

-There was going to be something here about Grover being black, but then my mom was all, “Yeah, he’s black in the books, too,” so I stand defeated. Not that I have a problem with black satyrs, I just thought they were majorly differentiating from the book.

-Um. Annabeth is supposed to be blonde with grey frakking eyes. Epicfail.

-Luke actually looked pretty much like he did in my mind in the books.

-WTF about leaving out all the stuff with Kronos? That is a major. Plot point.

-They were in high school? They were supposed to be TWELVE!

-Hades. Ohmygawd he was so scary. The big, fiery version, I mean.

-It was funny watching Cate drool over Percy. Hahaha.

-Also, Thea and Cate both thought Luke was, and I quote, “Smexy.” I couldn’t make this crap up. I was all, “People still say that?”

-Mlljrlarggg. The hellhounds sorta scared the crap out of me, but they looked nothing like they should’ve looked.

-Couldn’t they just have slipped in the whole “Annabeth likes Luke” thing? I mean, it makes everything so much more interesting and dramatastic!

-Why why why didn’t they talk about Thalia?

So. That was my rant about it. Now I’m re-reading the book.

Anyway, I just found this website called wordle.com, where you enter your blog’s URL and it spits out a picture that tells you what your blog is about. Mine is… interesting. I would link to it, but I can’t copy and paste it, ’cause it’s screwy, so just click on the wordle link, type in bookwormdaisy.wordpress.com, and see for yourself. It won’t take that long. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Manatee. *cough*

Anyway, after I saw The Lightning Thief, Cate came home with us and she gave my mother Costa Rican coffee (from, you know, when she went to Costa Rica) and gave me a cute little wooden parrot and an awesome wooden turtle and a little wooden coffee cart. Then I gave her a red JFF kazoo, a shirt, and a tacklehug I promised Cryssy I’d give her. I was like, “What should I name the parrot?” And Cate immediately responded, “Karl?” And Mum was like, “Galen?” So I had to say, “Shut up!” Hahahaha. I love them so much.

And then we ate dinner and played, you guessed it, Don’t Break the Ice.

Best. Game. Evar.

Awesome: Wrockstock 2010, Episode One. Eeeeeek! So excited!

Also awesome: geekologie.com, which I just found and is amazing. I checked this morning, and now, at 4:46, there are like, five more posts.

Unawesome: The fact that I totally thought Christopher Columbus, who directed The Lightning Thief, would do a really good adaptation, but sort of failed. I mean, when you consider that he directed Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets, which he did so awesomefully, you would’ve thought he’d do an amazing, amazing job!