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At least you’re not responsible for the Zombie Holocaust. April 26, 2010

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Oh hey! Sometimes, it’s fun to play a game I like to call “Best Case/Worst Case.” I know that sounds a lot like Best Day/Worst Day from Looking For Alaska, but I assure you, it’s nothing like that.

Whenever I was worried/nervous/excited about something, Mum would always ask me, “Well, what’s the worst that could happen?” I appreciate that this was supposed to make me feel better, but I have a very vivid imagination so it would always end with me sobbing something incoherent about homelessness. Thusly, I invented Best Case/Worst Case, because it makes me laugh and laughing always helps.

First, I imagine the worst that could happen. Then, I imagine the absolute best thing that could happen. Then, I imagine what would probably happen. Here’s an example.

I’m pretty nervous about the play I’m in on Wednesday. Best Case/Worst Case time!

Worst Case Scenario: The day of the play, I’m asked to fill in for a role because someone couldn’t show up, and  I forget all my lines and then I get distracted because I’m forgetting all my lines, and then I fall on my face and I start crying and everyone laughs at me and my reputation is forever ruined and then I go crazy because everyone hates me and I decide to kill all of humanity by inventing a zombie disease that turns everyone into zombies and everyone turns into zombies and I realize that I killed everyone and I’m depressed and then I kill myself.

Best Case Scenario: I’m totally freaking awesome and I don’t forget any of my lines and then my teacher Kelby says that a college called her and offered me a full-ride scholarship and then in a few years, I go to the college and I’m absolutely awesome and I have a boyfriend who invents a jetpack and then woohoo! Jetpack! And I fly into the sky on my jetpack and then I write an awesome book and also I’m a really awesome actress, and then yeah.

Probably what will happen: I might forget one or two of my lines, but it’s okay because all the lines I have are lines I say with other people, so no one will notice, and I might trip and fall, but it would probably be funny, ’cause one time my friend Rhea was in a play and she bowed and her wig fell off and it was hilarious and after the play was over, she was all, “Oh my God, did you see that? That wasn’t supposed to happen.” Only it totally looked like it was supposed to happen because the play was funny anyway and it totally looked awesome. So maybe I fall, but it would be funny, and then I finish the play and get all happy and glowy on the inside and there are group hugs all around and yaaaaaay!

After I play Best Case/Worst Case, I realize that I don’t even want the best case one to happen, because I’d rather have the life I have than have a genius jetpacking boyfriend. I suppose the moral should be “Be happy the way you are,” but really it’s “At least you’re not responsible for the Zombie Holocaust.” Or maybe it’s both. According to An Abundance of Katherines, it’s fine to have two morals in a story, so yes. Be happy the way you are and you could always be responsible for the Zombie Holocaust.

Awesome: Thea created a new blog, which you can find at msinsanity.wordpress.com. She’s still editing the layout and stuff, but you should check it out ’cause she rules.

Unawesome: The number of run-on sentences in this post. C’est la vie.


This probably doesn’t make any sense. April 19, 2010

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Oh hey!

What is the deal with Apple Jacks?

This morning, I ate some Apple Jacks, and I was thinking, “This is some good cereal!” Then I looked at the box. My gaze was met by some sort of evil, devil-spawn creatures, staring back at me.

What kind of messed-up advertiser creates creeptastic mascots like the Apple Jacks ones? Seriously! Those things look like they’re going to kill you!

Look! One of them is like, a cinnamon stick, and one is an apple, but their eyebrows are all funny and they’re scary and evil.

Is that not enough proof?


It reminds me of the time The Bloggess decided to write a story about sexy teenage cereal monsters. Only different. This all makes sense in my head, but it probably doesn’t sound that good in real life.

So, nothing much is new with me. Since I last blogged, I finished re-re-re-re-reading Paper Towns, but that’s pretty much it!

Awesome: Battlestarbook.

Unawesome: I asked Thea what to write here, and she said, “AIDS.”  So. AIDS are unawesome.


Andbutso I didn’t actually meet Hank Green and my family members aren’t all crazy zombies. April 8, 2010

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Oh hey! So, you know I love you, blog, and I know I love blogging, but I got Will Grayson, Will Grayson today and that means that all I want to do is read. I started reading the first three or so pages, and I am already completely in love. I haven’t even reached David Levithan’s first chapter yet, but I love it already. John Green is seriously one of my favorite authors. He’s hilarious, he’s deep, he’s the freaking creator of the Nerdfighters. He can get away with things like using the word “andbutso” (as seen on page 4), which I love so much. Andbutso I love him and his writing very much.

In related news, I had a dream last night that was sort of awesome. I’m pretty sure other people don’t like hearing about my dreams, so I’ll keep it short.

So Boo and I were taking a walk, which I normally don’t do this time of year because it’s still cold and my knees hurt because I have tibial torsion which isn’t as bad as the plague but it still hurts, and it means that my leg bones are twisted which sounds way worse than it actually is, but anyway, I’m ranting. So Boo and I were taking a walk around the block, and we were almost at my house, and then I saw Hank Freaking Green. I was too nervous to say hi, so I just walked past (which, by the way, would never happen in real life, I’d probably run up to him screaming and squeeing).

So we just walked past and then all of a sudden The Katherine was walking with him, and I was just going up to the stairs when he yelled, “Happy National Friendship Day!” to me and Boo. I was totally unaware that it was National Friendship Day, but that was fine because Hank Green seriously. So I yelled, “DFTBA!” and flashed the Nerdfighter hand symbol all “HOO! HA! NERDFIGHTERS!”-like, and it was awesome. I don’t know why I didn’t stop to say hi, but Dream Me does weird things.

I sometimes wish my dreams could happen in real life, except for ones like the dream where I was running from crazy zombies that looked like my family, and they were trying to eat me, and then Shinika picked me up in her car and we were running away but then Shinika was a crazy zombie too and she was going to eat me and then I woke up. Not ones like that.

Okay, so a lot of cool things happened today, like how Thea and Ruth and I almost blew up a microwave but we didn’t and then we made green cookies. Sorry, but that will have to wait for tomorrow. Will Grayson awaits me.

Awesome: John Green.

Unawesome: Crazy zombie relatives. I mean, I love my family, but… zombies are scary.


I Swear to God there are piranhas in Alcatraz Bay. April 5, 2010

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Oh hey!

It’s Mum’s birthday, so leave a comment telling her how amazing she is. She deserves it! Happy Birthday! *hugs*

Here, my lovely mother, is a poem I wrote ages ago for you:

Oh how I love you

You are the best mama

The waters of Alcatraz

Are full of piranhas.

Remember when I wrote that? No? That’s okay. You just wouldn’t freakin’ accept the fact that they keep piranhas in Alcatraz Bay to keep the prisoners from swimming away. “There are no prisoners in Alcatraz anymore!” Psssh. Propaganda. “But Tio visited Alcatraz when he was lit-“ Lies! Lies!

I love you!

So. Thea’s reading The Hunger Games, which is, of course, absolutely amazing. She’s been reading all morning. Lkdsjaflksjlkjslkadf. I can’t wait to talk to her about it!

Sorry if my posts are kinda lame this month. Since I’m blogging every day, I have less to write about. Hope you don’t mind!

So recently, I discovered this hilarious blogger named Allie (Hyperbole and a Half) who is frakking hilarious and she reminds me of The Bloggess a little bit and also her handwriting looks sort of like Cate’s. You should check out her blog!

Will Grayson, Will Grayson is coming out soon and I am sofreakingexcited. John Green is my hero. And in his new video, he read a bit from Will Grayson, Will Grayson and I am just freaking out excited!

Thea just ran into the room freaking out because of Hunger Games. I know, Thea, I know. That part sucks balls.

Awesome: Hyperbole and a Half! Also, this:


Word of the Day: Lamblasted. That’s right, Bloggess, blasted, not basted. You’re welcome.


It’s like He Said, She Said freakin’ knows Karl Agathon rules. April 4, 2010

Oh hey! Happy Zombie Jesus Day, as my lovely friend Cryssy puts it.

So the other day, my marvelous friend Anne commented on my blog and said, “Have you ever watched The Matrix? I think it would be good for you…” I’m assuming that translates as “Daisy, you sick, addicted frak, stop watching Battlestar Galactica and have some nice, healthy Matrix.” Nice try, Annie girl. Nice freakin’ try. Though I do really love The Matrix. And you. Remember when we used to pretend to be Rapunzel on the playground even when we were like, eleven and twelve? I would so do that again.

So anyway, today is Easter and such. I’m not religious, but a bunch of my family members are, and I still love celebrating it! I mean, free chocolate, yum. Also, dyeing eggs. I dyed eggs with Cate and Mum and Nemo last night, but more on that later. And every Easter, my family plays a game that involves breaking Easter eggs and is always really fun.

So last night, we celebrated Mum’s birthday by staying home, eating pizza, and dyeing Easter eggs. Cate came over, and that stellar child had baked my mother a cheesecake (and her cheesecakes are so divine), and then we dyed the eggs and ate pizza and cheesecake and watched Raywilliamjohnson videos, and it was super fun!

Okay, so here’s something wonderful I’ve been meaning to share with you since Friday. Thea, Emily, and I were playing He Said, She Said, a writing game that I’ve played before on this blog. Each person takes a turn writing a different thing (eg. Guy’s Name, All of a Sudden) and folding over the paper so that the next person can’t see what they wrote. They usually turn out to be pretty funny. So this one, I swear to God (and this is Easter, so I’m pretty sure that counts extra), I did not make up or rig or anything. It’s a tad bit embarrassing, but whatever, ’cause this was completely by chance. My parts will be in italics (the feral boar will charge if shot in the testes), Thea’s will be in bold, and Emily’s will just be regular. And it’ll all be in a different color than the main blog because I forgot how to do double-spaces on WordPress.

Karl Agathon and Daisy met under a bed.

He said, “I must confess… I love you with all my heart.”

She said, “Your hair is hotter than John Green! OMG guess what else is hotter than John Green? GHOSTS!”*

Suddenly, an alligator jumped through the window!

The moral is: spontaneous combustion hurts!

Yep, I did not make that up. Though I do have to admit that if Karl Agathon unexpectedly confessed his undying love to me, I would probably say something like “Your hair is hotter than John Green! OMG guess what else is hotter than John Green? GHOSTS!” just because I would be too dumbfounded to think of something more relevant to say.

I have issues.

Ew, Nemo’s playing pool on the Wii. Most frustrating game ever? I think so.

By the way, no new emails from Darren W. Kappes. I’ll keep you posted on anything particularly hilarious.

Awesome: The fact that I am now in possession of these bottles of nail polish, which look way different in real life (one is lime green and glows in black light and one is clear and sparkly):

Unawesome: Hrrrm. I don’t know. Wii pool.

*Don’t get offended, People-Who-Think-John-Green-Is-Hot, it’s an inside joke.


If Zombies don’t kill us first, robots will. April 3, 2010

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Oh hey! It’s Blog Every Day April, but I didn’t do it yesterday to make you think I wasn’t going to do it. APRIL FOOL’S!

Actually, no. I didn’t have Internet yesterday, so um, not my fault at all.

So basically, we’re all going to die. I know that’s completely unrelated, but I was just reading geekologie.com and there are robots EVERYWHERE.

Robots everywhere, guys. Haven’t these inventors ever even seen Battlestar Galactica? Whenever some idiot *coughDanielGraystonecoughcough* invents robot servants, they will gain sentience and rebel.

That means killing us ALL. Everyone. The robots will spare none. Children. Baby bunnies. Tahmoh Penikett.

The stakes are high, idiot inventors. Start creating hoverboards instead.

Here are the evil motherfrakkers: Evil, Evil, and More Evil.  The first two are of a laundry-folding robot, and the last is a dancing waiter robot dressed as a samurai. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t know samurai fighting moves… yet.

Ohmygawd I just watched John Green’s new video (I’m too lazy to link it, so just go to youtube.com/vlogbrothers) and I AM SO EXCITED FOR WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON.

Holy. Crap.

I am the most distracted blogger ever. So far, I’ve watched a Vlogbrothers video, three Raywilliamjohnson videos, and checked Geekologie.

In other news, I got the new ALL CAPS CD, Bmin/E (and a Pizza John shirt!), and it is completely pwntastic. I love ALL CAPS. The first (and second) time I listened to “Can’t” I was freaking out because I recognized the opening tune and I couldn’t figure out where I’d heard it before, and I felt like Tigh and Tyrol and Tory and Anders (“It’s in the frakking ship!”), and then I realized, somewhat anticlimatically, that it was a cover of what I believe is an Alan Lastufka/Tom Milsom song. I would check, but the CD with the original is in the car and it’s cold outside. It’s like, almost seven thirty. Which is why this post is going to be pretty short.

Oh, also, I was playing He Said/She Said with Thea and Emily today, and exciting results happened, but I’ll post that tomorrow, ’cause it’s on the other computer.

Shoutout to my lovely and wonderful friend Chantiel, who had her birthday yesterday. Also, Happy Belated Birthday to Fred and George Weasley! Speaking of twins, have you ever known twins that aren’t awesome? I mean, look at all the examples: Fred and George, Luke and Leia, my friends Ben and Alex, two girls who once commented on my blog named Izzy and Gwen… and probably even more. So please, comment and tell me whether you can think of any unawesome twins. Wait, were Austin Powers and Dr. Evil twins? I can’t even remember now.

Yesterday was also April Fools’ Day! I didn’t prank anyone unfortunately, though I had an awesome one planned that involved the bloody dogtags of Kara Thrace the First. I was also going to do the classic put-a-hair-tie-around-the-spray-faucet-thing-and-fun-ensues, but Nemo was sick and I felt bad soaking a sick person.

I did, however, get pranked! Once by Mum, who put blue food coloring on the bottom of my cereal bowl so that the milk turned blue when I poured it in, and another time by Darren, my Nancy W. Kappes, Paralegal, who e-mailed me with this:

New BSG Series Announced!

So apparently they are going to do a new BSG series focusing on
Starbuck……April Fools.  🙂

To which I replied:

Oh, Darren, you motherfrakking jerk. I almost peed in happiness a little. That… that was a joke. But seriously. That would be *so* awesome. XD

*siiiigh* I’m a Kara Thrace Fangirl big time.

Awesome: Dare I say? Kara Frakking Thrace, Karl Agathon, Galen Tyrol, the list goes on.

Unawesome: The fact that Nemo was sick yesterday.


Carousing with CUPID! February 20, 2010

Ahalhflasflkhahfsa! Ohmygawd! I haven’t written in so long! I missed blogging, but I just haven’t had time.

Holycrap. So much stuff has happened. First, we went to Oklahoma City for Carousing with Cupid because we are ridiculous and nerdy and awesome, and let me tell you, I didn’t regret that at all. I had such! an amazing time! On Saturday, we (Mum, Nemo, and I, unfortunately, Cate couldn’t come) went to the local science museum, and that was AWESOME! Like, super awesome! Like, super duper awesome!

And then in the night, we went to Carousing with Cupid and it was so much fun! I got to see Cryssy and Nate and Abby (who was right across the hall in our hotel!) and Danii and Matt and Justin, who gave me some of his amazingly amazing wonderful fabulous hugs.

And the concert! SO. Much. Fun. Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls were marvelously marvelous as always, and Ministry of Magic was ridiculously fun, as always, and the Whomping Willows were effing awesome as always, and Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills were so much fun, as always, and the Remus Lupins were frakking amazing, as always! Oooh, and I only saw part of Into the Pensieve’s set, but they seemed super awesome!

In short, I had sooooo much fun. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it was. This blog cannot do it justice. And also, the cupcakes were delicious. And the merch… the merch was awesome. As always.

So, that’s the main thing I wanted to talk about. I’m not sure what else to say, but I’ve had a great couple of days! Tonight, I’m going to get to see Uncle Jason and Theo and oh-my-God-I-can’t-believe-I’m-forgetting-her-name, which is super awesome, because Uncle Jason is the bestest. It’s just too bad Henry won’t be there. 😦

Oh, and speaking of Henrys, Henry Green is soooooo adorable! I mean, he has so much hair already! *dies from the cute*

Hmmm… I’m really not quite sure what to talk about next….

Sorry for the crappy post, y’all. My brain just isn’t really working right now. >.<

Awesome: Karl Perfectpants (See?! I told you I would have more of him. When I make a resolution, I motherfrakking keep it.).

Unawesome: Brain farts.