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Corndogs! and Firefly June 1, 2010

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Oh hey! Guess what? Guess what guess what guess what?

CORNDOGS! Hoo! Ha! Nerdfighters!

Apparently, I just got invited to the tenth birthday party of a girl named Zola. She is friends with Thea and the Sometimes Demons, and apparently she is very nice and anti-demon. Whateva. I guess I’ll go, being as odds are I probably won’t get beaten up again. *pleasepleasplease* And I suppose, even if something undesirable happens, it’ll make a good blog.

The sacrifices I make for you.

Anywho, guess what I did this weekend? I finished Firefly and Serenity! Wooohoooo! (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Okay, so after watching the last episode of Firefly, I was sort of like, “Huh?” because no one died! Hooray! I could’ve sworn someone would’ve died!

I was freaking sad about Inara leaving, because she and Mal were totally in love and he screwed her now-dead friend and nooooo!

But then came Serenity. By that, I don’t mean the ship, I mean the Big Damn Movie. Then, of course, they had to kill Book and Wash. I mean, seriously, Wash? Wash? Everyone loves Wash! You can’t kill him!

Then again, that’s what I said about one of my favorite characters in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Gorram Joss Whedon, always killing the awesome ones… *sob.*

I was really surprised more awesome people didn’t die, though. Like Kaylee? I totally thought Kaylee was dead. Also Simon. Also River, but only when she jumped into that room full of Reavers. I mean, I thought she was sacrificing herself, but she fought the Reavers! That is so hardcore!

And Mal and Zoe and Inara and Jayne and Simon and Kaylee didn’t die! Yaaaaaay!

Basically, minus the people who died, it was totally awesome.

I’ll never forgive Joss Whedon for killing Wash, though. That was just wrong.

Sick and wrong.

In other news, it’s June! I think! Maybe? I’m pretty sure it’s June. But that means it’s almost summer! Wouldn’t be able to tell, though-it’s cold and rainy outside. Blegh. Freaking rain, I want summmmmeeeerrrrr! Please?

Pretty pretty please?

Awesome: FIREFLY!

Unawesome: *sniff* Wash and Book….


In Which I Fangirl Firefly. May 26, 2010

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Oh hey! I need to hurry because I’m about to take a bath,* but I wanted to post a blog to celebrate Geek Pride Day. I’m not really doing anything special in particular to celebrate, being as I’m a Proud Geek everyday. But right now, I’m listening to Siriusly Smiling and I’m going to watch the sixth episode of Firefly tonight, so that probably counts. Yaaaaay, Firefly! I love Firefly! Yay yay yay! Hopefully, I can use my awesome Jedi Mind Trick skills to convince Mum and Nemo to let me stay up all night watching it. Heh heh heh.

ANYWAY, Firefly. Is. Effing. Amazing. Please please please no spoilers. And don’t even ask me whether I like BSG or Firefly better, because they’re both incomparable and amazing.

(Minor spoiler alert!!!) Zoe is so cool! Wash and Jayne (is that how it’s spelled?) are hilarious! Mal is so freaking awesome, like some type of male Kara Thrace only less frakked up and angelic. River is so crazy! I’m not sure whether or not I like Simon! The Shepherd is so mysterious! Kaylee is so awesome and so effing adorable! I just wanna hug her!

Similarities between Kara Thrace and Mal:

1. They’re both totally hardcore and fighty and stuff.

2. They’re both effing awesome.

3. A Great Majority of the population thinks they’re both hot. (Don’t deny it. I know straight girls who would totally go gay for Kara.)

4. Okay, I can’t really think of any more similarities, but trust me, there are loads.

Awesome: This Land. Also, that part where Mal gets Kaylee the dress and then everyone is a jerk to her and then she finds friends yaaaaay! Also, this.

Unawesome: Oh my God, why won’t Mal and Inara freaking kiss already? Jeez!

P.S. I’ve come to the distressing but inescapable fact that every time you ship Harry/Hermione or Kara/Lee, God cancels a Joss Whedon show.

*Like the Great Colin Singleton, I much prefer baths to showers.



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Oh hey!

You know, my life is pretty freaking awesome. I have awesome friends and an awesome family. I’m fairly mentally stable, although sometimes I do things like this. However, my mental stability doesn’t mean that I don’t get totally effed up under the influence of dentist-prescribed drugs. And by “dentist-prescribed drugs,” I mean nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and some kind of mouth-numbing drug that I forgot the name of.

So, on Tuesday at about two o’clock, I went to my dentist, Dr. Jeff’s, office, for a checkup and tooth cleaning. Or so I thought. It turns out that I had to have sealants on some of my teeth and a filling for one of my cavities. Balls. Whateva. I decided I’d get it over with quickly. I sat down in the chair and let Dr. Jeff’s assistant who is really nice but I can never remember her name put the nitrous oxide nose thing over my face. Basically, for those who are living under a rock or just have really good dental hygiene, I’m pretty sure it’s this plastic thing hooked up to a tank full of laughing gas (When I say, “I’m pretty sure,” it means that I can never really look at it ’cause it’s on my face). At first it smells disgusting, but a few minutes in it smells like pure, wonderful oxygen. Laugh-making oxygen.

Then they went through the whole un-fun process of working on my teeth, blah blah blah. They put numbing stuff in my mouth, and then gave me an extra shot of the numbing stuff. At least, I assume it was a shot. Dr. Jeff kept calling it a “zinger” ’cause that’s a less scary name that “shot” and he’s a pediatrician, so his job is to keep small children un-panicky while he pulls their teeth out and stuff. They cleaned my teeth, and the toothpaste was gross, but the nitrous made me not even care. Apparently, I wasn’t numb enough so they gave me another shot of numbing stuff.

They started painting the sealant on my teeth like my mouth was a freaking canvas. At one point, they shined (shone? shined?) a blue light thingy into my mouth, and it made a beepy noise. I was extremely curious as to what this was, so I asked, “Whazabloothing?”

Dr. Jeff: What did you say there, Daisy?

Me (prohibited from talking normally because of evil dentist tools in my mouth): Whazabloothing?

Dr. Jeff (taking evil dentist tools out of my mouth): What?

Me: What’s the blue beepy thing?

Dr. Jeff: Oh, that’s a laser. It activates the sealant. (At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what he said. I was sort of delirious.)

Me (Eyes widening): Laser?

Dr. Jeff: Yep. Laser.

Me: Yaaay! Laser!

I vaguely recall, as he continued to laser-activate my sealant, thinking that it would’ve been much cooler if the lasers made “pew pew pew!” laser gun noises instead of beeps. Surprisingly, I still agree with that.

They continued to do terrible-yet-worthwhile things to my teeth. I recall Dr. Jeff taking a break to go get some supplies, and Mum, Nice Assistant (was her name Ashley?), and I talking about amusement parks for some reason. I proudly and slurringly proclaimed that Space Mountain is my favorite ride of all time because “AH’M A SSHHHPACE NEERD!” I sounded uncannily like Spaghatta Nadle. In my un-drugged state, I realize that I should’ve said, “I’m a sci-fi nerd, but saying I’m a space nerd suggests that I like science-y space, which I do, but I really like science fiction space more,” or even “I’m sort of a sci-fi nerd, but not even that much ’cause I don’t even know that much about sci-fi in general, but I do like some sci-fi things.”

At one point, I remember trying to stick my numbed-up tongue out of my mouth, which was quite a feat. I couldn’t frakking figure it out. I felt like a sarlacc.

Dr. Jeff put a weird, rubbery tarp-thing in my mouth for some reason. Probably because I was drooling so much. When he pulled it off, it felt like he was ripping off my cheek, which made me laugh hysterically.

After a while, they finished. I stumbled out of the dentistry building and went to Thea’s house. My mouth didn’t get fully un-numb until, like, seven o’clock.

Freaking dentist.

Awesome: A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, which I’m re-reading.

Unawesome: My jaw still hurts from being propped open by the dentist for an hour.