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I’m a Happy, Happy Drama Queen. April 22, 2010

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Oh hey! Warning: This post is mainly me gushing about my awesome drama class friends, but I wrote some classic “OhmygodKaraThraceRulesZombiesAreAfterUs!” material in the end.

So, as I may have mentioned before, I love acting. I’m a bit of a drama queen, which is why you get posts like this. Therefore, it might not surprise you to know that I take drama classes at out state’s lovely old university whenever possible.

I have had some of the most fun experiences in my life at YTU (short for Youth Theater at the U-creative, huh?). I always go to the summer classes, which last about three weeks. Last year, I got to be in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. The year before, I was Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The year before, I was in a play completely written by my teacher called Death and Tupperware.

I had, however, never gone to the other classes-the ones in the spring and fall. They’re generally once a week for a few hours in the evening, and this year, I thought, “Why not? Sign me the frak up!”

So I signed the frak up and started taking an acting class every Wednesday night with a group of kids around my age. The teacher’s name is Kelby, and she’s super super nice.

I already knew some of the kids-some from the summer session, and some from other places like school. Thea and Ruth take the same class I do, as does my friend Robin, who I met in the summer session three years ago.

Now, I don’t know if you know many theater people, but let me tell you, they can be pre-tty interesting. Our class is comprised of mostly girls and two boys, one named Nathaniel, and one named Mark. I’d venture to guess that Nathaniel is eleven or twelve, and Mark is the youngest kid in the class and has an uber-short attention span. Nobody really notices, because we’re all hyperactive and huggy, which is one of the many things I love about YTU. There’s an easily excited girl named Kitty, there’s a girl named Kylie I think I used to know, there’s a girl named Ainsley who always wears knitted hats. And they’re all super nice. And those aren’t the only kids in the class, I was just using them as examples.

This year, we’re doing an adaptation of a Vietnamese folk tale called Toad is the Uncle of Heaven, which is about the animals on Earth having a drought and going to the King of Heaven to ask for rain. To be honest, when I first realized we were going to be in a play with talking animals and weather gods, I was a little bit apprehensive. I was all, “Whaaat?” I was more used to plays with people. I wanted to die and cry and sigh and fling myself across the stage dramatically like I did in Midsummer.

And then? Our play turned out to be ridiculously fun. I got cast as a dying flower (see? I did get to die after all!) and a Hound of Heaven, which is basically a glorified wolf who gets to fight. Thea got cast as the Rooster, and Ruth plays one of the Guards of Heaven.

Last night was one of our final rehearsals (the play’s next Wednesday). I was scared that we’d forget all of our lines and mess up.

Turns out that we had an awesome rehearsal. I don’t know if that’s ever happened to you, but let me tell you, it makes you happy. I’d relate it to drinking or something only alcohol is disgusting and from what I’ve heard, the drunk happiness only lasts a while, if at all, whereas the kind of YES-WE’RE-AWESOME high doesn’t end with puking all over or getting a headache or angrily emailing someone. True, it might end with sweaty disgustingness and extreme thirst and rug burn on the foot from dragging yourself across the floor like a wolf, but that’s bearable.

So basically, I wrote this ridiculously soppy post and  now I don’t feel like myself so here’s a nice dose of un-sappy Daisy for you:

Oh hey! Guess who’s awesome?

Galen Tyrol.

Also? Karl Agathon. Also? Kara Thrace.

Ooooh shiny! Shiny robots! Shiny robots are gonna kill us all!

Awesome: Suuuunshine!

Unawesome: Ebola!


Thea Is Not a Knife Criminal April 14, 2010

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Oh hey!

So, I just watched a new TV movie about Anne Frank. My first thought was that it would be depressing as frak and it would make me want to kill myself. Not good. But then I watched it. It was depressing. Fortunately, I still want to remain living.

It was actually really good.

On a completely unrelated note,*  I’m almost finished re-watching all of Battlestar. Seriously. One or two more episodes, and then BAM.

After that? Well… to paraphrase the first sentence of the Sacred Scrolls, I have watched Battlestar before, and I will watch it again.

I have a problem.

So the other day, I was talking about how awesome it would be to carry a knife around your ankle like Kara Thrace, and Thea was like, “Oh, I’ve carried a knife around before.”

Ruth: Really?

Thea: Yup. At school a few years ago.

Me: You carried a knife around at school?

Thea: It’s fine, Daisy. It’s not like I stabbed anyone.

Me: What kind of knife? A pocketknife? A Swiss Army-

Thea: A steak knife.

Ruth: What?

Thea: I carried around a steak knife.

Me: When was this?

Thea: Third grade.

Me: Where the frak did you keep a steak knife, in your backpack?

Thea: No. In my pocket.

Ruth: You carried a steak knife around in your pocket?

Thea: It poked me a lot.

Oh, by the way, if you’re reading this and you’re a cop, Thea is not a criminal. She likes knives, but she’d never cut someone with one. She’s a good citizen, for the most part.

Awesome: Nicholas, the sixth awesome girl. Boy. Person.

Unawesome: peeple hoo spel liek this 😦

*Or, as my lovely mother would say, APON (short for apropos of nothing.)


This was probably way more exciting in real life. April 8, 2010

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Yesterday, Thea and Ruth and I decided we would make cookies.

Actually, Thea’s brother Miles asked us to make them, because he “never gets cookies when we make them.” Apparently. I think he’s had some before, and also he’s always all negative and “Ohhhh, your cookies are going to suck! Blah blah blah!”

But whatever. I like making cookies. Cookies are fun to eat, and I feel productive when I make then, ’cause I should be cleaning my room and stuff but cookies are a tastier substitute.

I’ve made cookies at Thea’s house before, so you’d think maybe I’d learn that making cookies there is like, a thousand-hour ordeal. But I thought, “You know, whatever! This is going to be fun!”

And it was. It certainly was fun, but there were, uh, challenges.

First of all, you should know that all the appliances in their house are sort of ancient. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but keep it in mind.

Getting all the ingredients together wasn’t very hard at first, until Thea saw the food coloring.

Thea: Food coloring! Yes! We’ll dye the cookies!

Me: Dye… the chocolate chip cookies?

Thea: (sounding slightly offended) Yes.

Ruth: How about we dye some of them?

Me: Yeah! Let’s color only some of the cookies!

Thea: But- whatever. What color? I vote for green.

(Note that the only colors we had were green, red, and blue.)

Me: Blue!

Ruth: Um… blue.

Blue cookies it is.

There were many complications, but none worth mentioning until the brown sugar. The brown sugar was ridiculously clumpy and hard and im-frakking-possible to pack into a measuring cup, so Kim suggested that we microwave it with a little bowl of water next to it to moisturize the air or something. I don’t know. So we put the sugar in the microwave with the little bowl of water right beside it, though Kim suspects someone mistakenly put water in the brown sugar bowl.

What happened next can only be described as a small explosion.

I don’t quite remember what happened, only that Thea screamed so I looked at the microwave and she had opened the door and there was a bowl of crazy brown-ness inside, and really, it looked like the brains had been blown out of it. The sugar-substance was all poofed up like a souffle, I think, but I don’t know quite what a souffle looks like. There was brown goop on the entire left side of the microwave (Ruth took a picture on her phone but accidentally deleted it.).

I screamed. Ruth looked at it and screamed.


Kim ran into the kitchen and just started laughing and laughing. We scraped the brown sugar goop out of the inside of the microwave and vowed to get a new one. Quite anticlimatic, but it was exciting while it lasted!

Turns out the only functional electric mixer-beater-thing they had was from the frakking seventies, but at least it worked. Sort of. One person had to stand by the socket holding the cord at exactly the right angle for it to actually work. Whenever Thea wanted me to pull the plug or turn it on, I tried to make her say “Engage!” or “Make it so!” to make me feel cool. She did. Once.

Thea was mixing the dough and she told me to turn it off, so I started trying to pull the plug out.

The issue was, she had already taken the beater out of the bowl, thinking it was off. Dough. Flew. Everywhere.

After a while, we had everything cleaned up (for the most part). We put the blue dye in some of the cookies and put the first batch in, but after about a minute it was clear that they were all butterily gross and soggy and messy.

We added flour and put them back in. No joy. I flopped down on the ground, exasperated (literally-I’m dramatic), and Thea threw that batch away and added more flour to the other ones. The now-melted chocolate in the first messed up batch had turned the dough brown, but I was like, “Whatever! It’s just, like, um… double-chocolate-chip!” Thea said they looked like dog crap.

That was when we noticed that our blue cookies were looking decidedly, um, green. Sort of mossy green. Mossily delicious. We were probably the only ones who would ever eat them. But that wouldn’t deter us.

Then Miles walked into the kitchen, and we explained the abnormal cookies. He was annoyingly silent and probably all negative, so I may have yelled stuff like “YOU WILL TRY THE COOKIES AND YOU WILL LIKE THEM, NEGATIVE JERK! THEY ARE DELICIOUS! THEY ARE GOING TO BE AWESOME! NAYSAYER!”

Not much actually happened from then until we finished. The “double-chocolate” ones were looking less weird. The green ones were… um… still green, but they actually tasted delicious, if I do say so myself.

Miles tried them, as did Max and his girlfriend Sunshine. They liked them. Freaking naysayers.

Awesome: “Don’t Unplug Me” by ALL CAPS.

Unawesome: Getting cookie dough on the walls.

P.S. OhmyGod I finished Will Grayson, Will Grayson. LOVE.