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Wrockstock November 13, 2010

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I would like to say thank you to all the amazing people who made Wrockstock one of the best moments of my entire life. So here we go.

Thank you to the friends you’ve barely met who feel like they’ve been your friend for your whole life.

Thank you to the friends who yell, “You’re sexy!” when you’re performing, to make you feel like you have crazed fangirls.

Thank you to the friends who vlog about you.

Thank you to the friends who help you stalk Alex Carpenter.

Thank you to the friends who interview the aforementioned Carpenter after stalking him.

Thank you to the friends who then go and get you another effing picture with Alex Carpenter even though every single time you’ve met him, you’ve gotten a picture.

Thank you to the friends who you meet in the airport, talk to for two minutes, and then give you chocolate.

Thank you to the friends who are actually coconuts.

Thank you to the friends who say that the aforementioned Juarez the Coconut smelled good as he was cremated.

Thank you to the friends who are so great that you missed half of Marked As His Equal’s set just to watch them play.

Thank you to the friends who ask for your autograph. I mean, wtf? Greatest moment ever.

Thank you to the friends who think your band is “totally awesome” and then get a picture with you, and the whole time you’re hyperventilating because you love their band.

Thank you to the friends who are very specific with the prize-giving ladies just so they’ll get you the right dinosaur toy.

Thank you to the friends who introduce sets with nothing but, “Fuck you, it’s Gred and Forge.”

Thank you to the friends who pick you up and spin you around a million times.

Thank you to the friends who give you daps.

Thank you to the friends who steal pillowcases.

Thank you to the friends who crash Wrockstock.

Thank you to the friends who twist their ankles rocking out too hard.

Thank you to the friends you will never effing forget.


Killbots and Breakdowns October 16, 2010

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Nemo: Make sure to leave the window open because I’ll be on the roof, and that window is right next to where I’ll be.

Me: Okay. Make sure you yell loud enough for me to hear it over the music.

Nemo: Okay! Make sure you turn it up loud enough for me to hear.

*I turn the music up*


Nemo: YES!

I regularly worry for the safety of this family.

Nemo just peeked through the window on a ladder and said, “KILLBOTS OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY.” I have the most terrifying family ever.

In other news, I just finished an amazing book called The Sky is Everywhere. It was so great! It made me cry, too, which sucked because I was at Mum’s office yesterday when I read it and that is not the best place to start crying, so I may have had a slight breakdown in a bathroom stall.

I was also relatively unstable and exhausted yesterday, so please do not judge. It was seriously such a good book, though. I highly reccommend it. And yes, if you have any sense whatsoever you will also fall in love with Joe Fontaine. God, that book was great.

Awesome: I found people to do A Million Ways with me for the talent show! Well, technically I found Maddie and then Maddie found Izze and Reagan, but whatever.

Unawesome: I still don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween!

Days until my birthday: Fourteen!

Days until Halloween: Fifteen!


Oh such grace, oh such beauty October 2, 2010

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This year, I believe we are having a talent show at my school.


Let’s do’t.


Rah rah ah ah ah October 1, 2010

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Oh hey!

I am a totally irresponsible blogger. But then again, if I’M an irresponsible blogger, then my teachers are SO irresponsible for giving me SO MUCH EFFING HOMEWORKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk.

Literally, one of my vocab words this week was annoying. I am in eighth grade. Homework is dumb. Let’s kill it. I hate math.

I am now going to this arts school! It’s totally awesome! Minus all the homework. Apparently they want us to be very very responsible artists. Everyone is super awesome! It’s really great! There is a SHAKESPEARE CLASS!!!!

And we’re going to Cedar City! To like, compete in a Shakespeare competition for middle schools! It’s gonna be awesome! We’re all doing a scene from The Tempest! I’m one of the Mariners. Also, everyone was doing their own individual scenes or monologues, and it was totally awesome. I was one of three kids doing a monologue, and the only girl. BUT THEN! DRAMA! We found out we were only allowed to perform our ensemble scene, two scenes, and THREE MONOLOGUES!!!!!! OH MY GOD! IT WAS SO INTENSE! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

It was so horrible! But GUESS WHAT?! I GET TO COMPETE STILL! OHMYGAWD! YAY! It is going to be so awesome! And tonight we’re doing this fundraiser thing, and we’re performing, and it’s gonna be awesome! Yay!

This is me listening to the Glee version of Bad Romance and looking vaguely cracked out and sleep-deprivated. Deprived? Deprivated? Deprivated sounds cooler.



Awesome: OK Go!

Unawesome: The un-freakin’-godly amounts of math homework I get!

Days until (I’m bringin’ it back!… the days until thing, not sexy. I already brought that back) my birthday: 30

Days until Halloween: 31

Days until Wrockstock: too lazy to count.


Never Too Much Firefly. June 21, 2010

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A conversation between me, Mum, and Nemo while looking through our Netflix queue:

Me: Uhhhhh… Mum… what’s Waitress?

Mum (blushing): Uhhhh… that’s… uhhh…

Me: That’s… that’s a movie starring Nathan Fillion, isn’t it?

Mum: Well-w-uh-yes.

Me: Heh heh heh. Fangirl.


Me: I’ll watch it with you.


Nemo: I will, too.


Mum: That whole Waitress conversation earlier was pretty funny.

Me: Yeah… and the only reason I knew what that movie was?

Mum: Yeah?

Me: I… uh… I saw it on Nathan Fillion’s Wikipedia page.

We have been watching too much Firefly.


Corndogs! and Firefly June 1, 2010

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Oh hey! Guess what? Guess what guess what guess what?

CORNDOGS! Hoo! Ha! Nerdfighters!

Apparently, I just got invited to the tenth birthday party of a girl named Zola. She is friends with Thea and the Sometimes Demons, and apparently she is very nice and anti-demon. Whateva. I guess I’ll go, being as odds are I probably won’t get beaten up again. *pleasepleasplease* And I suppose, even if something undesirable happens, it’ll make a good blog.

The sacrifices I make for you.

Anywho, guess what I did this weekend? I finished Firefly and Serenity! Wooohoooo! (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Okay, so after watching the last episode of Firefly, I was sort of like, “Huh?” because no one died! Hooray! I could’ve sworn someone would’ve died!

I was freaking sad about Inara leaving, because she and Mal were totally in love and he screwed her now-dead friend and nooooo!

But then came Serenity. By that, I don’t mean the ship, I mean the Big Damn Movie. Then, of course, they had to kill Book and Wash. I mean, seriously, Wash? Wash? Everyone loves Wash! You can’t kill him!

Then again, that’s what I said about one of my favorite characters in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Gorram Joss Whedon, always killing the awesome ones… *sob.*

I was really surprised more awesome people didn’t die, though. Like Kaylee? I totally thought Kaylee was dead. Also Simon. Also River, but only when she jumped into that room full of Reavers. I mean, I thought she was sacrificing herself, but she fought the Reavers! That is so hardcore!

And Mal and Zoe and Inara and Jayne and Simon and Kaylee didn’t die! Yaaaaaay!

Basically, minus the people who died, it was totally awesome.

I’ll never forgive Joss Whedon for killing Wash, though. That was just wrong.

Sick and wrong.

In other news, it’s June! I think! Maybe? I’m pretty sure it’s June. But that means it’s almost summer! Wouldn’t be able to tell, though-it’s cold and rainy outside. Blegh. Freaking rain, I want summmmmeeeerrrrr! Please?

Pretty pretty please?

Awesome: FIREFLY!

Unawesome: *sniff* Wash and Book….


In Which I Fangirl Firefly. May 26, 2010

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Oh hey! I need to hurry because I’m about to take a bath,* but I wanted to post a blog to celebrate Geek Pride Day. I’m not really doing anything special in particular to celebrate, being as I’m a Proud Geek everyday. But right now, I’m listening to Siriusly Smiling and I’m going to watch the sixth episode of Firefly tonight, so that probably counts. Yaaaaay, Firefly! I love Firefly! Yay yay yay! Hopefully, I can use my awesome Jedi Mind Trick skills to convince Mum and Nemo to let me stay up all night watching it. Heh heh heh.

ANYWAY, Firefly. Is. Effing. Amazing. Please please please no spoilers. And don’t even ask me whether I like BSG or Firefly better, because they’re both incomparable and amazing.

(Minor spoiler alert!!!) Zoe is so cool! Wash and Jayne (is that how it’s spelled?) are hilarious! Mal is so freaking awesome, like some type of male Kara Thrace only less frakked up and angelic. River is so crazy! I’m not sure whether or not I like Simon! The Shepherd is so mysterious! Kaylee is so awesome and so effing adorable! I just wanna hug her!

Similarities between Kara Thrace and Mal:

1. They’re both totally hardcore and fighty and stuff.

2. They’re both effing awesome.

3. A Great Majority of the population thinks they’re both hot. (Don’t deny it. I know straight girls who would totally go gay for Kara.)

4. Okay, I can’t really think of any more similarities, but trust me, there are loads.

Awesome: This Land. Also, that part where Mal gets Kaylee the dress and then everyone is a jerk to her and then she finds friends yaaaaay! Also, this.

Unawesome: Oh my God, why won’t Mal and Inara freaking kiss already? Jeez!

P.S. I’ve come to the distressing but inescapable fact that every time you ship Harry/Hermione or Kara/Lee, God cancels a Joss Whedon show.

*Like the Great Colin Singleton, I much prefer baths to showers.