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Tired and Pantsless and Dancing April 25, 2010

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Oh hey! I know, I know, I completely forgot to blog yesterday. Sorry. I guess this isn’t technically Blog Every Day in April anymore, but I will try to blog every day in April from now on.

I just finished reading a book called Spacer and Rat by Margaret Bechard, and I totally recommend it. Super duper awesome.

So today, I went over to Thea’s house for brunch ’cause her mom, Kim, is awesome and likes cooking and parties and stuff, and it was pretty fun! My friends Lila and Meredith were there, along with their friend Baylee (yeah, that’s actually the spelling) who was very nice. We played Hide and Seek a little bit (yrsh. Don’t judge) and then we played Truth or Dare because we’re twelve-year-old girls and that’s what we do. I really should’ve learned by now that bad things happen whenever I play that, but whatever. I still had really fun, despite the fact that they made Thea and I take off our pants and Michael-Jackson-dance in the middle of the street. Um. Yes. I actually did do that.

Okay, so I’m lazy and tired and I’ve been staring at this page for like, an hour, so adios for now! And now, here is Nemo with your awesome/unawesome.

Awesome: The Buddha.

Unawesome: McDonald’s Hamburgers. (I’ve actually never had one, but this is Nemo’s choice for today, as is the Awesome.)


Don’t worry. I’ve never *actually* made a shiv. March 22, 2010

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Oh hey! How are you doing?

I’m just at my grandma Abby’s house, and she’s letting me blog on her computer. She read my blog for the first time and thought it was funny, so here I am. Evidently she finds things like the Nuclear Zombie Holocaust amusing. Let’s just wait until she starts reading my previous posts about hookers and dead dogs. *Muahahahaha*

Wow. This keyboard is all types of messed up, and I’m having issues typing. Whateva. A keyboard’s a keyboard!

Since I last posted, I:

-Watched Sherlock Holmes one and a half times. (“You do know what you’re drinking is meant for eye surgery, don’t you?”)

-Went to Ruth’s twelfth birthday party at a hotel, which was epically amazing.

-Made Ruth’s friend Mika (Mica? Meeka? I don’t know how it’s spelled) run up a huge hallway wearing a Twister mat like a Superman cape.

-Went swimming, an activity in which I am completely inferior to my friends.

-Went to a restaurant that I swear to God had so much artwork that resembled the Eye of Jupiter and other paintings in Kara Thrace’s apartment that I thought I was going to explode in happiness.

-Had a lot of pictures taken of me and my friends by Ruth’s mom, Karen. After a while, I had that feeling where you couldn’t smile and make it look convincing, so I experimented a bit. First, I imagined, “Okay, so you’re sitting here, and all of a sudden Karl Frakking Agathon walks into the room,” but then I looked sort of high and like I had to pee. Then I tried thinking of something that makes me happy, so I was like, “Okay, you’re watching Battlestar, right? And the words “Cylon Occupied Caprica*” come onto the screen. What do you do?” But then I just looked like I had won the freaking lottery or something, so I just stuck to regular smiling. I should’ve tried “J.K. Rowling walks into the room, what do you do?” because then I would run screaming around begging an invisible person to sign my body. Woohoo.

-Offered to make a homemade birthday candle since we forgot one for Ruth. I was going to say, “Yeah… a birthday candle. It’s easy. Just like making a shiv,” but I figured that probably wouldn’t go over well. So I suggested instead that we just light the cake on fire. Fancy restaurants do it all the frakking time, don’t they? See? Yeah. Case closed.

-Finished re-reading Extras. Bubbly!

-Made a dying flower mask. Yo.

-Screeched, “I AM THE QUEEN OF FRANCE!” on a balcony.

-Decided that I’m going to finish re-watching the entire series of Battlestar, and then go back to the beginning and watch all the special features I’ve been forgetting to watch. Guess who has a problem? *handraise*

That’s pretty much it! Mum finished Uglies for the first time and started on Pretties, and she’s pretty hooked. She keeps saying things like, “Wow! Bubbly mask, Daisy!” Or, “God, this book is so happy-making!” Have I mentioned how much I love her?

Oooh, also, my friend Lila watched the Miniseries and is really liking Battlestar. Lila can haz first seezin nao plz? Seriously. I can’t wait to rant to her about how much I love Battlestar. I mean, I already do, but now she can participate in the conversations. XD

Ohmygawd, Caprica season finale next Thursday? WTF? The season barely started! Oh, and wasn’t Daniel Graystone just evil in the last episode? I wanted to stab him when he was torturing Zoe like that. And please, RDM, gimme more Philomon/Zoe hilarity next episode. “I work with top-secret military robots.” “That is so hot.”

*sniff* I miss Archer. “PAM. I will end you.” *staple* I loved the season finale, but if FX doesn’t bring it back, that’ll suck. 😦

Awesome: In Escape Velocity, I love the happy look on Caprica’s face when she’s beating Tigh up. She’s all smiley.

Unawesome: Hrrmm… not sure.

Word of the Day: Bubbly!

*Those parts early in the season on Caprica with Sharon and Helo were just so exciting and fun.


Hamster in a Sock January 16, 2009

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So, my friends and I were walking back from the park, and this lady was walking her way, holding something really weird in her hand, and I was thinking What is she holding???

And then we came closer and apparently some of my friends knew her and she was holding a PARROT. Yeah. It had a green body and a grey head.

So we were walking away, and I was like to my friend Lila, “I didn’t know what that was. At first I thought it was a hamster in a sock.” And we started cracking up, because I really thought it was a hamster in a bright cell phone sock.