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Wrockstock November 13, 2010

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I would like to say thank you to all the amazing people who made Wrockstock one of the best moments of my entire life. So here we go.

Thank you to the friends you’ve barely met who feel like they’ve been your friend for your whole life.

Thank you to the friends who yell, “You’re sexy!” when you’re performing, to make you feel like you have crazed fangirls.

Thank you to the friends who vlog about you.

Thank you to the friends who help you stalk Alex Carpenter.

Thank you to the friends who interview the aforementioned Carpenter after stalking him.

Thank you to the friends who then go and get you another effing picture with Alex Carpenter even though every single time you’ve met him, you’ve gotten a picture.

Thank you to the friends who you meet in the airport, talk to for two minutes, and then give you chocolate.

Thank you to the friends who are actually coconuts.

Thank you to the friends who say that the aforementioned Juarez the Coconut smelled good as he was cremated.

Thank you to the friends who are so great that you missed half of Marked As His Equal’s set just to watch them play.

Thank you to the friends who ask for your autograph. I mean, wtf? Greatest moment ever.

Thank you to the friends who think your band is “totally awesome” and then get a picture with you, and the whole time you’re hyperventilating because you love their band.

Thank you to the friends who are very specific with the prize-giving ladies just so they’ll get you the right dinosaur toy.

Thank you to the friends who introduce sets with nothing but, “Fuck you, it’s Gred and Forge.”

Thank you to the friends who pick you up and spin you around a million times.

Thank you to the friends who give you daps.

Thank you to the friends who steal pillowcases.

Thank you to the friends who crash Wrockstock.

Thank you to the friends who twist their ankles rocking out too hard.

Thank you to the friends you will never effing forget.


Quidditch October 3, 2010

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My friend Hannah on Facebook: “On my way home from soccer yesterday and saw people trying to play quidditch… hahahaha that makes me crack up.”

Me: “Haha… I think I actually know those people. Not even kidding.”

It’s true. I just couldn’t be there yesterday.


Corndogs! and Firefly June 1, 2010

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Oh hey! Guess what? Guess what guess what guess what?

CORNDOGS! Hoo! Ha! Nerdfighters!

Apparently, I just got invited to the tenth birthday party of a girl named Zola. She is friends with Thea and the Sometimes Demons, and apparently she is very nice and anti-demon. Whateva. I guess I’ll go, being as odds are I probably won’t get beaten up again. *pleasepleasplease* And I suppose, even if something undesirable happens, it’ll make a good blog.

The sacrifices I make for you.

Anywho, guess what I did this weekend? I finished Firefly and Serenity! Wooohoooo! (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Okay, so after watching the last episode of Firefly, I was sort of like, “Huh?” because no one died! Hooray! I could’ve sworn someone would’ve died!

I was freaking sad about Inara leaving, because she and Mal were totally in love and he screwed her now-dead friend and nooooo!

But then came Serenity. By that, I don’t mean the ship, I mean the Big Damn Movie. Then, of course, they had to kill Book and Wash. I mean, seriously, Wash? Wash? Everyone loves Wash! You can’t kill him!

Then again, that’s what I said about one of my favorite characters in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Gorram Joss Whedon, always killing the awesome ones… *sob.*

I was really surprised more awesome people didn’t die, though. Like Kaylee? I totally thought Kaylee was dead. Also Simon. Also River, but only when she jumped into that room full of Reavers. I mean, I thought she was sacrificing herself, but she fought the Reavers! That is so hardcore!

And Mal and Zoe and Inara and Jayne and Simon and Kaylee didn’t die! Yaaaaaay!

Basically, minus the people who died, it was totally awesome.

I’ll never forgive Joss Whedon for killing Wash, though. That was just wrong.

Sick and wrong.

In other news, it’s June! I think! Maybe? I’m pretty sure it’s June. But that means it’s almost summer! Wouldn’t be able to tell, though-it’s cold and rainy outside. Blegh. Freaking rain, I want summmmmeeeerrrrr! Please?

Pretty pretty please?

Awesome: FIREFLY!

Unawesome: *sniff* Wash and Book….


At least you’re not responsible for the Zombie Holocaust. April 26, 2010

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Oh hey! Sometimes, it’s fun to play a game I like to call “Best Case/Worst Case.” I know that sounds a lot like Best Day/Worst Day from Looking For Alaska, but I assure you, it’s nothing like that.

Whenever I was worried/nervous/excited about something, Mum would always ask me, “Well, what’s the worst that could happen?” I appreciate that this was supposed to make me feel better, but I have a very vivid imagination so it would always end with me sobbing something incoherent about homelessness. Thusly, I invented Best Case/Worst Case, because it makes me laugh and laughing always helps.

First, I imagine the worst that could happen. Then, I imagine the absolute best thing that could happen. Then, I imagine what would probably happen. Here’s an example.

I’m pretty nervous about the play I’m in on Wednesday. Best Case/Worst Case time!

Worst Case Scenario: The day of the play, I’m asked to fill in for a role because someone couldn’t show up, and  I forget all my lines and then I get distracted because I’m forgetting all my lines, and then I fall on my face and I start crying and everyone laughs at me and my reputation is forever ruined and then I go crazy because everyone hates me and I decide to kill all of humanity by inventing a zombie disease that turns everyone into zombies and everyone turns into zombies and I realize that I killed everyone and I’m depressed and then I kill myself.

Best Case Scenario: I’m totally freaking awesome and I don’t forget any of my lines and then my teacher Kelby says that a college called her and offered me a full-ride scholarship and then in a few years, I go to the college and I’m absolutely awesome and I have a boyfriend who invents a jetpack and then woohoo! Jetpack! And I fly into the sky on my jetpack and then I write an awesome book and also I’m a really awesome actress, and then yeah.

Probably what will happen: I might forget one or two of my lines, but it’s okay because all the lines I have are lines I say with other people, so no one will notice, and I might trip and fall, but it would probably be funny, ’cause one time my friend Rhea was in a play and she bowed and her wig fell off and it was hilarious and after the play was over, she was all, “Oh my God, did you see that? That wasn’t supposed to happen.” Only it totally looked like it was supposed to happen because the play was funny anyway and it totally looked awesome. So maybe I fall, but it would be funny, and then I finish the play and get all happy and glowy on the inside and there are group hugs all around and yaaaaaay!

After I play Best Case/Worst Case, I realize that I don’t even want the best case one to happen, because I’d rather have the life I have than have a genius jetpacking boyfriend. I suppose the moral should be “Be happy the way you are,” but really it’s “At least you’re not responsible for the Zombie Holocaust.” Or maybe it’s both. According to An Abundance of Katherines, it’s fine to have two morals in a story, so yes. Be happy the way you are and you could always be responsible for the Zombie Holocaust.

Awesome: Thea created a new blog, which you can find at msinsanity.wordpress.com. She’s still editing the layout and stuff, but you should check it out ’cause she rules.

Unawesome: The number of run-on sentences in this post. C’est la vie.


Twenty things about me. April 18, 2010

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Oh hey! It’s 8:55 and I have to hurry ’cause I forgot to blog, but I don’t want to leave you with a paragraph-long, boring post. Therefore, I’ve taken the lazy route-20 things about me.

1. I’m a little afraid of Thea’s toaster.

 2. I wanna go swimmin’ in the Enchanted Ceiling. Five million points to your house of choice if you know what song that’s a reference to.

3. I’m in seventh grade, but I skipped fourth.

4. I have tibial torsion, which literally means that my leg bones are twisted, but it’s not as scary as it sounds. I just had to talk about it because it sounds dramatic and I’m a drama queen.

5. My oldest non-related friend is Thea, who (whom?) I met the first day of Kindergarten.

6. I, Allie from Hyperbole and a Half, am super-duper annoyed when people say “alot.” It’s a lot, folks.

7. If I had been a boy, my parents would’ve named me Moses.

8. My actual name is Marguerite.

9. I like knives, but I’m also sort of scared of them ’cause I hate getting hurt.

10. Same with fire.

11. I’ve never liked TV much, but lately I’ve loved watching (and talking about and thinking about and obsessing over) Battlestar Galactica (especially), Caprica, and Archer.

12. It annoys the crap out of me when people use commas like this: this, this and this. No no no. This, this, and this. Two commas. Okay, I know it can go both ways, but it annoys me.

13. I started reading (or, more literally, having my parents read it to me) Harry Potter at age three.

14. I’m in a wrock band called X. Lovegood. We’ve played at the Wampum Willow at Wrockstock twice.

15. I want to be a writer, an actress, and possibly some kind of singer or something when I grow up.

16. I stayed in line at the movie theater from 1:30 p.m. to midnight with Cate for the premiere of Half-Blood Prince. Surprisingly, I didn’t get bored.

17. When I was a baby, I was ridiculously fat.

18. I can never pick a Hogwarts house, so I’m a Ravenpuff.

19. I may have the smallest bathroom in our entire state. Kidding. But still.

20. I’m pretty proud of my kazooing skills.

Awesome: Matt and Lauren are ENGAAAAAGED! Awwwwww! Congratulations, you guys!

Unawesome: My ear itches. It has been itched. That was for you, Cate, by the way. 😀


I can has BSG Anonymous plz? April 15, 2010

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Oh hey! Last night, I re-watched Daybreak, parts one, two, and three. That’s right, folks. I have finished re-watching all of Battlestar. And now? I will watch the whole thing again. All. Four. Seasons. I am addicted.

Hey, Anne Marie (I added your middle name to avoid confusion with other Annes that probably don’t even read this blog, but better safe than sorry)! Are you reading this? I love you, but stop reading now. Here there be spoilers. And there probably will be for a long, long time. I know you want to watch Battlestar, and I don’t want to spoil you. So watch all four seasons, come back, and be merry. I’m not kicking you out, love, this is for your own good.  🙂

So look, I know a lot of Battlestar fans have been using the interwebs to spew their supreme hatred of Daybreak. I, however, freaking loved it, minus the unresolvedness of Kara just *poofing* into nowhereness. No no no no no. Bad RDM.

And yeah, those of you who might be wondering, staying up until eleven and not getting enough sleep and also not getting to bathe until the next night is a totally reasonable sacrifice for watching the two-hour-long gloriousness of Daybreak. I don’t know if that made sense to you. Basically what I was saying is that I watched Daybreak and therefore didn’t get enough sleep and also didn’t bathe, but it was worth it. I am disgusting.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the only thing lately I want to talk about. That means I have nothing to talk about. And veterans of my blog will know what that means.

List time! (The more things change, the more they stay the same, huh?)


  • Kara Thrace
  • Kara Thrace’s Special Destiny
  • Galen Tyrol
  • Karl Agathon
  • William Adama
  • Sharon Agathon
  • The epic part in Daybreak when Kara uses the notes of All Along the Watchtower to Jump the Fleet to Earth!
  • Knives!
  • The fact that Hayleyghoover posted a blog that was kind of like this post yesterday.
  • Neil Cicierega
  • Being that annoying friend-of-little-sibling who spies on the older siblings and laughs at them. That’s pretty fun.
  • Paper hats
  • Natalie Dee
  • Wrock
  • How are an eagle and a bear alike? They both have wings… except for the bear.
  • Sassy Gay Friend
  • Sherbet


  • When people tell me I’ll get arthritis from cracking my knuckles.
  • Scurvy. I know someone who has a guinea pig who once had scurvy probably.
  • Tibial torsion
  • Spiders. But that blog is hilarious.
  • Eating way too much and then having to do a dance routine and feeling like puking. That happened to me once.
  • Not knowing what to write about.
  • Lieutenant Louanne “Kat” Katraine. Stuck-up jerk. She will never be as awesome as Starbuck. Also, she’s dead.
  • Bad grammar
  • *sigh* I’m going to say it… Tory Foster.
  • Gaius Baltar. Also, his naked body.

Word of the Day: Toxicity.


Thea Is Not a Knife Criminal April 14, 2010

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Oh hey!

So, I just watched a new TV movie about Anne Frank. My first thought was that it would be depressing as frak and it would make me want to kill myself. Not good. But then I watched it. It was depressing. Fortunately, I still want to remain living.

It was actually really good.

On a completely unrelated note,*  I’m almost finished re-watching all of Battlestar. Seriously. One or two more episodes, and then BAM.

After that? Well… to paraphrase the first sentence of the Sacred Scrolls, I have watched Battlestar before, and I will watch it again.

I have a problem.

So the other day, I was talking about how awesome it would be to carry a knife around your ankle like Kara Thrace, and Thea was like, “Oh, I’ve carried a knife around before.”

Ruth: Really?

Thea: Yup. At school a few years ago.

Me: You carried a knife around at school?

Thea: It’s fine, Daisy. It’s not like I stabbed anyone.

Me: What kind of knife? A pocketknife? A Swiss Army-

Thea: A steak knife.

Ruth: What?

Thea: I carried around a steak knife.

Me: When was this?

Thea: Third grade.

Me: Where the frak did you keep a steak knife, in your backpack?

Thea: No. In my pocket.

Ruth: You carried a steak knife around in your pocket?

Thea: It poked me a lot.

Oh, by the way, if you’re reading this and you’re a cop, Thea is not a criminal. She likes knives, but she’d never cut someone with one. She’s a good citizen, for the most part.

Awesome: Nicholas, the sixth awesome girl. Boy. Person.

Unawesome: peeple hoo spel liek this 😦

*Or, as my lovely mother would say, APON (short for apropos of nothing.)