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The Bloggess. Holy. Crap. March 2, 2010

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Helloooooo. It’s Daisy!

Um, you will never believe who just commented on my last blog post. Unless you guessed the Bloggess. In which case you are absolutely, gloriously right. She of hilarious, obscenity-riddled posts that make me laugh until I cry.

Um. Ohmygod. What have I done, O merciful Powers that Be, to deserve this honor? ‘Cause I really ought to do it more. Like, holycrap.

Major, major holy crap. You have no clue how happy this makes me. I wish I could write like the Bloggess. *happydreamysigh*

Wow. I would keep going, but you probably don’t want to hear me fangirling some random blogger (even if she *IS* the official Czar of Nothingness).


Anyway, um, I got completely thrown off by that, and I’m not sure what to talk about. Hrrmm.

Possibly, there will be a new YouTube channel of mine and Mum’s, but that’s a secret. I suppose. It’s gonna be awesome, though!

Last night, I got to see my uncle and that was awesome ’cause he’s living in California now, and I’m gonna see him again tonight, and I’m super duper excited! (Imagine those last three words as said by Amanda Bynes as Viola Hastings as Sebastian Hastings.)

Oh, and my genius grandpa made this picture which is hilarious and really well-photoshopped, and seriously, does your grandpa understand this reference? I didn’t think so.

All your base are belong to us. How cool is my family? Also, my uncle inspired a character in my novel named Louis the Paranoid Parrot. Louis has split-personality disorder and his other half is named Cade the Self-Help Parrot. Aaawwwessoommme.

So right now, I’m eating half-burned-but-still-really-good cookies and I’ve been working on this blog post on and off for ages, so I’m gonna go now! Bye!

Awesome: Internet Sunscreen, as drawn by Natalie Dee. I need me some of that. Also, Battlestar Galactica. I feel I haven’t talked enough about that today.

Unawesome: The fact that I probably need Internet Sunscreen.


Gay Canadians, Cate, Battlestar, and *PUPPIES!* Yrsh. February 2, 2010

Hey guys, it’s me, Daisy! I actually have a frakload of stuff to talk about today! O.o

First off and completely random: Natalie Dee is the best.

Secondly, I forgot. Oh yeah.

Thirdly, my fingers were accidentally misplaced when I was trying to type “yeah” so it looked like yrsh.

Oh yrsh.

Back to secondly. I hung out with Cate this weekend! She just got back from Costa Rica with her class, and I. Missed. Her. So. Much. We had a good time hanging out and hugging and talking about Costa Rica and stuff! Then, we went to visit Nemo’s roommate’s dog’s puppies. HOLYFRAK. Those puppies. Are so freaking cute. Ohmygawd.

Also, we watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which was my fifth time watching it, but only Cate’s first. Needless to say, she loved it. I mean, who doesn’t love Dr. Horrible? Honestly. GOD, I love that movie. *I can haz sequel nao plz joss whedon?*

Ooooh, and we played Don’t Break the Ice. Have you ever played that? It’s the best game ever, almost. You take a while setting it up and then you get to hit things with hammers, and there’s a polar bear but we never use him because it’s too hard to stick him in the ice. Cate and I always play that game at my house for some reason.

So yeah, we had a good time! Oh, and on Saturday night (at least, I think it was Saturday. I forget. It might have been Wednesday. Just kidding. I know it wasn’t Wednesday), Mum and I made brownies and pizza and then we went to the movie rental place and rented the first disc of season one of Battlestar Galactica and brought it home to watch, only they had the miniseries for sale at F.Y.E. next door, and we bought that and watched ALL THREE HOURS of the four episodes in the miniseries, which was totally awesome! Also, I saw Awesome Nerdtastic Movie-rental-place-Guy again, whose name, I figured out, is Josh, and I talked to him about BSG again (last time I saw him, he told me his theory that Kara Thrace is one of the angelics from the old series). He didn’t know that the Caprica premiere was last Friday, and he missed it. 😦 Poor Nerdtastic Josh.

So you know, the usual. I love Battlestar Galactica, and Cate and I are inseparable.

Oh, and guess what? Thea has a new cat, temporarily. They’re long-term catsitting. His name is Pretty Boy Floyd, though currently he has been dubbed Angry Floyd (by me). He has pretty, fluffy, black fur and he’s sometimes very sweet. I’d take a picture of him, but he’s downstairs in Max’s room and he hisses and yowls every time I approach him.

So, due to some clever relocation, I have been sitting in the living room of Thea’s house all morning, blogging and re-reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson (who is lovely, and a wonderful fort-builder). I’ve debated going into Thea’s room to plug the laptop in, but Angry Floyd was in there, and he was angry, but Max moved him downstairs and now I can go into Thea’s room, and I might, except for there’s nowhere to sit in there, because she’s sprawled out on the bed and the beanbag is in here with the cover off of it, because it’s being washed free of bunny pee, and there is a plug in here, but I’m not sure whether or not I should use it because I think it exploded once maybe.

So yeah! I’ve been having a pretty wonderful day. I’ll blog again soon, never fear!

Awesome: Carousing with Cupid! I am going to Carousing wit Cupid really soon! 😀 And I’ll see Matt, and Justin, and CRYSSY!!!!!!!! YAY!

Unawesome: Dead Unicorns. But this picture is totally hilarious.

P.S. When Cate was hanging out, we were talking about BSG (even though Cate’s never seen it, but she thinks it looks awesome) and Mum was talking about how hot Helo and Chief Tyrol are. After a while, Nemo joined in and said that he read that, like, three out of five gay Canadian males think Aaron Douglas (who plays Tyrol) is uberhot*, and a couple minutes later, he said, “Like, if you had a locker, there would be pictures of Aaron Douglas all over it.” I asked if he meant me, or if he meant if I was a gay Canadian, and he was like, “…. Both. You have a lot in common with gay Canadians. I think you would get along splendidly with them.”

I would like to know some gay Canadians.

*Which may or may not have been made up by Nemo.


I finished Battlestar Galactica! SPOILER ALERT! January 11, 2010

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Battlestar Frakking Galactica.

I finished Battlestar Galactica this weekend, and I have… so many mixed feelings (aside from the “OHMYGOD it’s over *sobsobsob* side of me, which is slightly consoled by the fact that I still have Caprica. And special features.)

Okay, here comes the spoilery part. First, I’ll make a list of things I liked and things I didn’t like (in no particular order).

-Helo not dying. Seriously. I was so so so freaked out when he got shot and Athena had to leave him to find Hera. But he didn’t die. MAJOR YAY!
-They found Earth! HOOOOOOOORAY!
-OHMYGOD. One of the most important likes: something that I have wanted to happen ever since Cally died happened. Tyrol found out about the circumstances of her death and KILLED TORY YAYYYY! Yayayayayayayayayyy! No amount of yays can describe how happy this made me!
-I never saw this coming, but I’m glad Hoshi got a chance at leadership and didn’t frak it up at all.
-Laura lived to see Earth!
-I’ll think of more later.

-LAURA DYING. FRAK ME. Why couldn’t they just inject her with some more Cylon blood? Seriously, if someone knows the answer, PLEASE tell me.
-Adama leaving everyone forever? WTF? That seems so uncharacteristic.
-The thought of Chief never getting to kill Tory.
-The unresolved issue of WTF is Starbuck? You know… besides a dead chick. What HAPPENED to her? Seriously! Mere words on a computer screen cannot convey how effed up that is.
-The whole issue with Gaeta. Here’s my stand: Gaeta was a good, smart dude with an awesome first name and a not-screwup boyfriend. He wanted what was best for his people, but here’s the problem: he went about getting that the wrong way. He thought thought Zarek’s way was the right way (if you want to know my stand on Zarek, ask me) and declared a mutiny and a lot of innocent people got killed. Long story short, Gaeta was a good, responsible boy and one of my favorite characters and then he effed up supremely. And got executed. That’s what happens when you frak up on the Galactica.

-Starbuck. Starbuck Starbuck Starbuck WTF.
-I’m not quite sure how I feel about the Chief leaving everyone to live as a hermit, but then I learned on the Internet today that the island he went to live on was Scotland and that he became the first king of Scotland. Win. Plus, given his past, I understand the whole: “Screw humans and Cylons, I’m living on my own” thing.

So, that’s just a summary of how I feel about the whole thing. It’s… intense.

Oooh, and last night I watched The Plan! I liked it a lot. I loved that exchange between Simon and Cavil: “He wants her.” “He loves her.” “Vigorously.” That was awesome. It was cool to learn more about the Cylons, like how they did the whole Shelly Godfrey thing, and I liked the subplot about Chief’s friendship with- crap, forgot her name- Giana (I Googled it).

I’ve had a pretty good day so far, and I’m going to hang out with Ruth and Gus in about an hour. Oh, also, I’m trying to learn how to play the piano part from All Along the Watchtower/the Cylon Song/Kara Remembers, and I’m going to hang out with Nana on Thursday and try and figure that out.

Bye, guys!

Awesome: Two things are awesome today:
1. The whole Chief-is-the-KING thing.
2.The fact that I was just on Helo’s Wikipedia page, and I saw this, which is debating where the name Karl Agathon comes from: “The Greek proverbial phrase kalon k’agathon (“the beautiful and the good”) — also written as kalos k’agathos — was used to describe the ideal man, the epitome of both aesthetics and ethics, as well as the Form of the Good in Platonic philosophy.” Helo FTW.

Unawesome: Getting spoiled.


Marathons and Cracker and Battlestar (Oh My!) January 8, 2010

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Hey guys! I’ve been having a pretty awesome day so far. I’ve been reading, and I had a guitar lesson with Thea and her brother Max, which was cut short when Kim burned some spanakopita and we ran out of the room coughing and snorting. Also, Thea and I played another writing game. This one was different. For the first two, Thea would say a word and then I would and we’d alternate words to make a story. For the third, we did the same thing, but each person got two words per turn. I think I’ll share them. I would have Thea’s be in italics and mine not, but that’s just so confusing. Just leave it up to your own imagination as to who wrote what.

And yes, you will find yourself questioning our sanity.

Number one:

I once loved a man named Cracker. He was the most deeply disturbed creature I had ever punched. He knew a Cylon named Leoben. He was a messed up Cylon. The only place he would go was London in his pants. Cracker didn’t love sunlight, but loved poodles. Cracker had a cat named Filipo. He scratched Cracker’s ear. Cracker once killed an elephant in Georgia. Suddenly, his eyes turned deep rainbow. I thought that he was physco. I didn’t love him anymore.

Number two:

Rainbows splashed in the bunny’s innards. The only dark thing that the bunny loved was chocolate. He had a name. His name was Tripod. He loved nothing except his innards which were covered with rainbows. Fish liked to climb in his guts, so he ate them. Acid bubbled on the bunny’s toes. The toes hurt in so many disturbing fish. The fish liked to eat nerdy mathletes. Tripod liked nerdfighters to eat.

Number Three*:

Sam came to a bar. Everyone loved SciFi and killed Cylons for fun. Sam loved a Cylon who was mentally disturbed. Sam was not deeply disturbed.

Those were fun, weren’t they? … I hope they were. Last night, I got Season 4.5 of Battlestar Galactica in the mail! I only watched one episode and I am DYING TO WATCH MORE! Alsjdl’fjasdlf;alkslfl;kbalxtsblakjl;dsBALLS.  We’re having a BSG marathon tonight, teeheehee. XD I’m not giving anything away, but for anyone who has watched Season 4.5, episode one, OMG! When the thing happened and the person did that thing and stuff? O.o I guess that’s not very specific… but the whole episode was quite shocking.


Anyway… soooo… I really love Battlestar Galactica… a lot… um… yeah… I’m really obsessed with raspberry zinger tea… I drank, like, two cups of it in the space of an hour… it was intense.

I guess I’ll go now… see you soon! And by soon, I mean, like, Monday or so, because I’ll be having a Battlestar marathon for most of the weekend. XD

Awesome: Raspberry tea and Battlestar Galactica and Cracker.

Unawesome: Only one more season left… *sob* Calm down… I still have Caprica… and The Plan…

*Hahahahahaha D’Anna Biers.


I’m Probably Way Too Addicted January 6, 2010

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in ages, but the past is behind us, eh? And neither has Hayleyghoover, but no one is mad at her! Okay… maybe they are… some of them… but I’M not! I love Hayleyghoover!

I really should talk about Wrockstock and how amazing it was, but that’ll take ages and I’m lazy and I can’t stop thinking about BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Battlestar Galactica yesssssss.

Bessssst. Show. EVEAARRRRRRRRR. I can’t even DESCRIBE how obsessed I am. I won’t even TRY. Instead I’ll just, like, talk about some of my favorite characters. ‘Cause I’m lazy. I haven’t blogged in months, but I sure haven’t changed much.

No spoilers! Unless, you know, you consider names and pictures as spoilers.  Which you shouldn’t.

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace:

Lee “Apollo” Adama:

Boomer/Sharon/Number Eight/Athena:  

Chief Galen Tyrol:

Karl “Helo” Agathon:

President Laura Roslin:

Anastasia (?) “Dee” Dualla:  

William Adama:

Cally Henderson Tyrol:  

Samuel T. Anders:  

Billy Keikeya:

Felix Gaeta: I sort of totally want his singing skills.

Even though he’s a drunk, angry little frak, I have to admit that I like Tigh, too.

I have a lot of other favorite characters, but I’m losing track…. I’m probably forgetting someone totally major… hmm….

Anyway, yeah. Battlestar Galactica is amaaazing.

I don’t really know what else to talk about. I like, breathe Battlestar Galactica like AIR. Though it will never usurp Harry Potter. NEVER EVER EVER EVER.

Ummm… I’ll just go now… love you guys! Bye!

Awesome: Aaron Douglas, the guy who plays Chief Tyrol. Not to be fangirlish or anything, but he rocks. Also, today I leaned that he is in a society of JEDI CHEFS. For reals. Jedi. That cook.

Unawesome: When my favorite characters die. ;(

Days until my obsession wears off: NEVER!

P.S. If you want to watch me rave about Battletstar Galactica, check out my YouTube channel. Assuredly, there will be Battlestar there.


THE HOUSE PARTY!!!!! OMG!!!!! October 23, 2009

Last night was the freaking best!!!!!! If you don’t remember, the Whomping Willows and Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills just came to our house and played a made of awesome show!!! At our house!!!! It was so awesome!
Matt and Justin are seriously so nice, plus, they’re friends of one of our good friends, Cryssy Nelson. In fact, she told them to hug us or they’d be in big trouble. 😀
Mum picked Thea and I up from her house and hurried home to set some things up, and then someone knocked on the door and I was like, “OHMYGAWD IT’S THEM HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP!” They came in and we introduced and then we ordered some amazing pizza and ate it. At one point, I just sat down and said, “I. Am. So. Full.” And Justin asked me how many pieces of pizza I had, and I admitted only one, but those slices were huge! And he just said, “I had three. And I think pizza is coming out of my eyes.” I love those guys.
They started setting up some merch and a few people started showing up. It was awesome to see my friends who came. Cate, Lila, Lizzy, and Thea were there at first, but Ruth, Gus, Sonia, and Abby (Thompsen) showed up later. I haven’t freaking seen Roo in like, months. It was so awesome to finally see her again.
Then they started playing, and it was amazing. It turned into a full-blown wizard dance party after a very short time, and they kept alternating between Justin’s songs and Matt’s songs, playing back-up for each other. It’s crazy how fun it is just screaming “Krum” and dancing with your friends. I love my life. And oh oh oh! They had me lead the dancing on “On Behalf of Neville”!!!!!!!! I don’t know if you know, but I effing daydream about stuff like that happening to me.

They finished off with “In Which Draco and Harry Secretly Want to Make Out”, which I absolutely love, and instead of saying “Dumbledore and Grindlewald” at the end, they said, “Gandalf and Dumbledore”, which was totally hilariously awesome!

Afterwards, we bought some merch and hung out. I had issues not buying every single thing, but I decided that I would get more at Wrockstock. 😀 I ended up getting a “Madame Pomfrey, What Up?” shirt, a Ravenclaw eyepatch (designed by Cryssy), a Hufflepuff eyepatch (designed by Brandi), and a Let Love Grow shirt. Mum got an “Oh, we love you Viktor Krum!” shirt, a JFF is my BFF glass, the live Yule Ball CD of Matt’s, a Ravenclaw eyepatch, and a Trees are People Too shirt. Nemo got a “Madame Pomfrey, What Up?” shirt, a “Let Love Grow” shirt, and a Slytherin eyepatch (designed by Nate!).

After everyone left (Thea stayed over), we lit a fire outside and hung out for a bit. I gave Matt and Justin matchboxes that I decorated, and they really liked them! Justin’s had a pizza on one side, “I can’t fit into a matchbox” on the other side, and lots of black and yellow glitter. Matt’s had the Welcome To the House of Awesome picture on one side, the HPA’s logo on the other side, and green, brown, and red glitter. And GUESS WHAT THEY GAVE ME?!?!??!????? They gave me the guitar strings that they broke during the show!!!!! SQUEEEE!!!!!

Then Thea and I went to bed and discussed cat anatomy and how amazing that was!

In the morning, Matt, Justin, Mum, Nemo, Thea, and I went to this place called the Blue Plate Diner and it was awesome (the food was, but also mostly just the fact that I was having breakfast with the Whomping Willow and Justin Finch-Fletchley)!

Then they had to leave ;( , but before they left they gave us all hugs and it was totally squeetastically amazing OMG OMG OMG!!!! 😀 When Thea hugged Matt she said in this little voice, “Goodbye, Whompy!” and it was like a little kid squeaking, “Goodbye, Santa!” and it was adorable. Now I really miss them. Really really really. I AM SO EXCITED FOR WROCKSTOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I have to go. I have a buttload of stuff to do. That was amazingly amazing amazing. I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Matt said that the picture of Matt and I with Bre and Lila was one of his favorite tour pictures. I almost fainted.
P.P.S. Stupid iMovie said that YouTube published my video from a few days ago. IT LIED. I know I have to be punished, but can it wait until things calm down a bit? Please?
P.P.P.S. Can I be Matt Maggiacomo when I grow up?

Awesome: Matt and Justin.
Unawesome: The fact that they left.

Days until Wrockstock: 15
Days until my birthday: 8
Days until Halloween: 9


I think my tongue is broken October 14, 2009

Hi, guys!
Today has been pretty awesome. I learned some Latin and read some Hobbit and played some guitar. I learned how to play part of Big Rock Candy Mountain (la la la I painted my cat blue). Maria came over and we did some surprisingly relatively painless math. It was probably relatively painless partly because I’ve already done this stuff before, but still. Also, it was Maria. And I love Maria. She’s just such a nice person.

Also, if you subscribe to my vlog (bookwormdaisy), then you’ll know all about the Ferret/Monkey/Chinchilla/Lemur. I’m sorry if you already know this story, but it just has to be told.

So yesterday, Thea, Kim and I were reading Sir Gawain and the Not So Jolly Green Giant Green Knight, and Max and Miles (Thea’s older brothers) walked in. Here is the dialogue that occured:

Miles: We are not the weirdest people in this neighborhood.

Me: You… aren’t?

Miles: The Baileys have a monkey in their garage.

Me: …?

So it turns out, Max and Miles were just walking or something, and they saw into the Baileys’ garage, and they saw A MONKEY OR LEMUR OR SOMETHING JUMPING AROUND IN A CAGE. I know. And it *did* occur to me (actually, it occurred to Kim first, and then it made sense) that Max and Miles might have been lying. Many teenage boys like lying to their little sisters. Especially about monkeys…?

So Thea and I tried to see into the tiny garage window, but it was covered up with a little piece of paper or something, so we couldn’t see in. So we disguised ourselves (ever so brilliantly), Thea as a boy and me with different clothes. And glasses. And we walked up to the Baileys’ house, knocked on the door, and a lady answered.

Me: Hi, my friend dared me to come up to all the houses on this street and ask people if they were keeping anything weird in their garage.

Thea: *giggle*

Lady: Um… we have a lot of weird things in our garage. I couldn’t really name them all. We have some license plates from the 50’s and some old hubcaps.

My brain: Like… monkeys?

Me: Okay. Thanks.

And a strange thing I noticed was that she was wearing those plastic glove things, and I was like, “Hmmm… monkey gloves?”


So Thea crept up to the window again to see if she could see the monkey thing. She glanced at it and hissed, “DAISY. It’s a chinchilla.” And I was like, “A chinchilla?”

So I sneaked (snuck?) up to the window and peered in. If you looked down past the paper you could see a rabbit cage. I said, “I only see a cage. And a shadow.” And Thea was like, “That’s it.” So I looked at it again and saw something black, furry, and asleep. “OHMYGOD is that a chinchilla?”

The moral of this story is that people are weird. And have things that are possible monkeys or chinchillas or lemurs. Also, it was jumping when Max and Miles saw it. Apparently. I’m pretty sure chinchillas don’t jump.


Awesome: NINJAS!
Unawesome: Smaug. Sorry. That was the only thing I could currently think of that was unawesome.

Days until Wrockstock: 23
Days until the House Party: 7
Days until my birthday: 16
Days until Halloween: 17