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This entire blog is mainly just me fangirling Maureen Johnson and talking about jeans October 7, 2009

Hey, guys! I’m just hanging out at Thea’s house right now. Actually, I’m going to school at Thea’s house, but whatever.
I just finished Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson. I LOVE MAUREEEN JOHNSON. I have also figured out that I am five degrees away from Maureen Johnson. Here’s how that works.

I know Cryssy Nelson (#1.) Cryssy Nelson knows Matt Maggiacomo (#2.) Matt Maggiacomo is dating Lauren Fairweather (#3.) Lauren Fairweather knows John Green (#5), who is friends with MAUREEN JOHNSON.

I KNOW MAUREEN JOHNSON!!!!!! And I like rainbows!

Anyway, I’m at Thea’s house, writing this. Unfortunately, they just changed the password to get on the Internet, and it’s really complicated and numbery. And Thea doesn’t know it. So instead, I’m writing this on Microsoft Word and I’ll copy and paste it when I have Internet.

Guess what? Last night, I was very busy. Busy getting jeans, because I do not fit into any jeans at all. OR SO I THOUGHT. However, I actually found some that fit. The thing is, this required me to go into quite a few stores at the mall. These stores included… dun dun dun duhhhhhh…. Justice.

Now, I don’t know if you know (*I don’t know that that’s a thing that I know*), but Justice is one of those super-girly stores. They were playing Hannah Montana music. Yeah.

Actually, although they do play Hannah Montana music, they have jeans there! Wooohoo! Actually, I didn’t end up buying jeans there, but whatever. Actually, I don’t think I can say actually any more, actually.
Alright… See you tomorrow!

Awesome: Suite Scarlett. And Maureen Johnson.
Unawesome: That I forgot to put “days ‘til” two days ago. Oops.
Days until house party: 15
Days until my birthday: 24
Days until Halloween: 25:
Days until Wrockstock: 31

Update: I am eating peeps. Shaped like ghosts. Which are hotter than John Green. Just kidding. Sorry. Inside joke. 🙂