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Hello, and welcome to a new episode of What’s on Daisy’s Mind! April 26, 2009

Hola! Welcome to a new episode of What’s on Daisy’s *cough cough huge cough* Mind?  Here are some coolio videos. (NOTE: most of these vids aren’t mine, if you have made one of these videos and want them off of this blog, which I can’t see why you would, just ask me to take them off. But please, think of this as free promotion. :D)








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Hamster in a Sock January 16, 2009

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So, my friends and I were walking back from the park, and this lady was walking her way, holding something really weird in her hand, and I was thinking What is she holding???

And then we came closer and apparently some of my friends knew her and she was holding a PARROT. Yeah. It had a green body and a grey head.

So we were walking away, and I was like to my friend Lila, “I didn’t know what that was. At first I thought it was a hamster in a sock.” And we started cracking up, because I really thought it was a hamster in a bright cell phone sock.