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You wanted me to puke on stage or something just for your sick amusement, didn’t you? July 12, 2010

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Oh hey! I’ve been on vacation, so sorry for the absence of posts. Without further ado, here is the story of the play I was in last week!

July 1st, 2010. The day of the big performance. I am panicking.

All day, we worked on our play like crazy. We had tech rehearsal, where we went to the stage and worked on sound and costumes and the like. This is a very stress-making activity, even though I’ve been through it all for different performances for years in a row. It was quite a different experience with our new teacher, Ben, being as he was fairly calm and our old teacher, Anna (who I love to death, don’t get me wrong), would threaten us with death if we accidentally stepped on one of the floor microphones and told us that if we screwed up the play, her terrifying ex-military dad would be out in the audience with rotten tomatoes, ready to throw them at us. I am not even kidding, and I don’t think Anna was, either. When we did A Midsummer Night’s Dream, she told us that she would smash our head in with metal baseball bats if we mispronounced “Titania.” Despite that, she’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

Anyway. I’m rambling.

I finished school Mum picked me up. I proceeded to hijack the computer of this guy at her office so I could sufficiently distract myself. (Kidding. He let me use it, ’cause he was gone.) I didn’t want to go over the play, because I felt kind of like puking from nervexcitement. We went home and I changed into the right clothes to wear under my costume. We picked up my cousin Shinika and her awesome boyfriend Connor and Nemo and took them to dinner. We arrived at the theater. I felt even more like peeing from fear.

We watched the other performances while nervously awaiting our time. Finally, it was intermission, and we had to set up.

And… it actually went really well. It was terrifying, exhilarating, and so much fun. There was nothing disastrous or hilarious or horrible to write about. So sorry for that, but I’m glad it went as wonderfully as it did.

Awesome: I saw The A-Team today, and it was sofreaking awesome. I love the show, I love the movie.

Unawesome: I don’t know whether to be in a musical theater company or a Shakespeare company this year. Desicions, desicions….


List list list list LIIIIIST! June 26, 2010

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Oh hey! List time!


1. Mum found me singing songs from Seussical the Musical in my sleep last night.

2. It’s almost time for our play! Eeeek!

3. You sly dog!

4. Next week at YTU is Spirit Week. Tuesday is Nerd Day, and instead of dressing up like everyone else will (glasses, suspenders, etc.) I’ll do something only a true nerd would understand. Carry around a towel, maybe?

5. I’m gonna see Cate today and take her and Thea to see Kick-Ass.

6. I’m gonna see Cate today.

7. I’m gonna see Cate today.

8. Crazy Musical Theater Steve drank a whole bunch of soda yesterday and was really hyper.

9. Not caring about the world cup thing.

10. This conversation on Facebook:

Daisy has yarn, needles, and a pattern. And now? I am going to make a Jayne Cobb hat. Hoo! ha! Nerdfighters!

Rees: I’m ordering his blue sun T-shirt!

Daisy: Oh my God I love you. ❤

I have the best friends.


1. The dream I had last night in we were spies and Cate and my YTU friend Abi had to pretend to be newlywed lesbians and I had to convince these other spy people that just because I have a lisp and like musicals doesn’t mean I’m gay. Heheheh. Story of my life. XD


1. Allergies.

2. Cate! Wake your lazy gorram butt up now and GET OVER HERE!


Never Too Much Firefly. June 21, 2010

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A conversation between me, Mum, and Nemo while looking through our Netflix queue:

Me: Uhhhhh… Mum… what’s Waitress?

Mum (blushing): Uhhhh… that’s… uhhh…

Me: That’s… that’s a movie starring Nathan Fillion, isn’t it?

Mum: Well-w-uh-yes.

Me: Heh heh heh. Fangirl.


Me: I’ll watch it with you.


Nemo: I will, too.


Mum: That whole Waitress conversation earlier was pretty funny.

Me: Yeah… and the only reason I knew what that movie was?

Mum: Yeah?

Me: I… uh… I saw it on Nathan Fillion’s Wikipedia page.

We have been watching too much Firefly.


This past week has been a blur of screaming and singing and awesomeness. June 19, 2010

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I. Haven’t. Blogged. In. Ages. Excuse time!

I’ve been at YTU. That is my excuse. YTU, as I may have told you before, is this fantastically wonderful summer theater camp at out local university. There’s always a pre-teen session, in June, and a teen session, in July.

This year, I’m doing BOTH. And I have some pretty thrilling schedules.


In this session, you have one company, who you do plays with, and two electives.

Company: Shakespeare.

Morning Elective: Stage Combat.

Afternoon Elective: Contemporary Musical Theater Dance Ensemble.


In teen session, there are A days and B days.

Company: Shakespeare. Again.

A Day:

Morning Elective: Voice and Speech for Actors (this was a mandatory class).

Afternoon Elective: Glee Musical Theater.

B Day:

Morning Elective: Acting for Film and TV.

Afternoon Elective: Stage Makeup.

YAAAAAY! So for the past week, I’ve been in pre-teen session, which lasts for two more weeks. I’ve been wanting to blog, but every single moment I haven’t been at YTU, from 3:30 in the afternoon until I go back in the morning, at 9:00 in the morning, all I’ve wanted to do is sleep and watch movies and read The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, which I’m currently reading and is spectacularly hilarious.

Now it’s the weekend, so I have some relaxation time. Also, some time to practice my lines.

In Shakespeare company, we’re doing a sort of mashup of Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. I got my parts yesterday, and it turns out I’m playing a Sargent, Mercutio, and King Lear, who has a guest appearance doing his “Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks” speech. It’s gonna be a weird yet effing awesome play.

Our company’s teacher’s name is Ben. I saw him in a production of The Taming of the Shrew a while ago, so it still feels like he’s sorta famous, and he has the most hilarious facial hair ever. I miss my old Shakespeare teacher, Anna, who was either freaking awesome or freaking evil and scary depending on your perspective (most people thought she was scary and mean, but she ruled), but Ben is super cool, too.

We’ve learned an effload of stuff in Stage Combat so far, and on Monday we start learning some sword fighting stuff. Our teacher’s name is Joe and our assistant teacher’s name is Alejandro. Joe and Alejandro are both super nice and really good at stage combat. I’ll post a funny story about that class later.

Contemporary Musical Theater Dance Ensemble is so so so so fun. We’re learning four songs from Seussical the Musical, and we start choreographing on Monday, which is scary, because I’m bad at dancing, but it’ll be fun!

Our teacher, Steve, is sort of a psycho, but he’s really great. He’s trained in opera and he has a fantastic voice, and he REALLY! LIKES! YELLING!

In pre-teen YTU, every class has a teen aide, which is basically just a kid from teen session who helps the teachers. The teen aide for out company and Stage Combat is named Ally, and she’s so super awesome it’s not even funny. My musical theater class’s teen aide is named Katryna, and she’s currently probably one of my favorite teen aides.

On that note: the other day, Thea told Ally that she would make Ally a badge that says “Best Teen Aide Ever!” on it. Ally laughed and said thanks, and if we did that, she should do something nice for us.

Thusly, she came up with an idea. If we completed three or four challenges, she would come to YTU one day wearing a snuggie. All. Day. Snuggie all day.

The first challenge she gave us is to make an all-class music video to a song of our choice. And we are so going to do it.

Awesome: Glee, which I started watching, but please, no spoilers. Also, does anyone know where I can get the second half of season one and all of season two? That would be greatly appreciated.

Unawesome: I have a mosquito bite.


In Which I Don’t Get Killed or Harmed or Anything! June 2, 2010

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Oh hey! If you’re reading this and you read my post yesterday (read it before you read this one!), you’re probably guessing that I didn’t die at the party yesterday. That would be a correct guess. It was actually pretty fun, and nothing bad happened to me.

When we arrived, I awkwardly introduced myself to Zola, the birthday girl, who was very nice and said that it was no problem that I was there. I quickly learned that there was a water fight taking place, so I took off my sweatshirt and shoes and joined in.

It was an intense battle and it took me a while to find a water gun. Well, it wasn’t technically a water gun, more of a water-squirting device that wasn’t shaped at all like a gun, but whateva. Everyone got soaking wet. My jeans got all weighed down with the water. It was freezing. And it was super freaking fun.

When the fight ended, Thea and I ran back to her house (Zola lived really nearby) and changed clothes. We ran back just in time for delicious ice cream. I’m not ashamed to say that I ate two cones. YUM. Zola opened her presents and we started watching Alice in Wonderland. Thea and I had to leave, so we left.

It was quite fun, though altogether not very good to blog about. You sick freaks probably wanted me to get attacked by ninjas and held hostage by cannibals or something, didn’t you? Granted, it would’ve made a great story, but not the kind of thing I want to have happened to me.

Awesome: I would so see this movie.

Unawesome: Nothing!


Corndogs! and Firefly June 1, 2010

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Oh hey! Guess what? Guess what guess what guess what?

CORNDOGS! Hoo! Ha! Nerdfighters!

Apparently, I just got invited to the tenth birthday party of a girl named Zola. She is friends with Thea and the Sometimes Demons, and apparently she is very nice and anti-demon. Whateva. I guess I’ll go, being as odds are I probably won’t get beaten up again. *pleasepleasplease* And I suppose, even if something undesirable happens, it’ll make a good blog.

The sacrifices I make for you.

Anywho, guess what I did this weekend? I finished Firefly and Serenity! Wooohoooo! (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Okay, so after watching the last episode of Firefly, I was sort of like, “Huh?” because no one died! Hooray! I could’ve sworn someone would’ve died!

I was freaking sad about Inara leaving, because she and Mal were totally in love and he screwed her now-dead friend and nooooo!

But then came Serenity. By that, I don’t mean the ship, I mean the Big Damn Movie. Then, of course, they had to kill Book and Wash. I mean, seriously, Wash? Wash? Everyone loves Wash! You can’t kill him!

Then again, that’s what I said about one of my favorite characters in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Gorram Joss Whedon, always killing the awesome ones… *sob.*

I was really surprised more awesome people didn’t die, though. Like Kaylee? I totally thought Kaylee was dead. Also Simon. Also River, but only when she jumped into that room full of Reavers. I mean, I thought she was sacrificing herself, but she fought the Reavers! That is so hardcore!

And Mal and Zoe and Inara and Jayne and Simon and Kaylee didn’t die! Yaaaaaay!

Basically, minus the people who died, it was totally awesome.

I’ll never forgive Joss Whedon for killing Wash, though. That was just wrong.

Sick and wrong.

In other news, it’s June! I think! Maybe? I’m pretty sure it’s June. But that means it’s almost summer! Wouldn’t be able to tell, though-it’s cold and rainy outside. Blegh. Freaking rain, I want summmmmeeeerrrrr! Please?

Pretty pretty please?

Awesome: FIREFLY!

Unawesome: *sniff* Wash and Book….


In Which I Fangirl Firefly. May 26, 2010

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Oh hey! I need to hurry because I’m about to take a bath,* but I wanted to post a blog to celebrate Geek Pride Day. I’m not really doing anything special in particular to celebrate, being as I’m a Proud Geek everyday. But right now, I’m listening to Siriusly Smiling and I’m going to watch the sixth episode of Firefly tonight, so that probably counts. Yaaaaay, Firefly! I love Firefly! Yay yay yay! Hopefully, I can use my awesome Jedi Mind Trick skills to convince Mum and Nemo to let me stay up all night watching it. Heh heh heh.

ANYWAY, Firefly. Is. Effing. Amazing. Please please please no spoilers. And don’t even ask me whether I like BSG or Firefly better, because they’re both incomparable and amazing.

(Minor spoiler alert!!!) Zoe is so cool! Wash and Jayne (is that how it’s spelled?) are hilarious! Mal is so freaking awesome, like some type of male Kara Thrace only less frakked up and angelic. River is so crazy! I’m not sure whether or not I like Simon! The Shepherd is so mysterious! Kaylee is so awesome and so effing adorable! I just wanna hug her!

Similarities between Kara Thrace and Mal:

1. They’re both totally hardcore and fighty and stuff.

2. They’re both effing awesome.

3. A Great Majority of the population thinks they’re both hot. (Don’t deny it. I know straight girls who would totally go gay for Kara.)

4. Okay, I can’t really think of any more similarities, but trust me, there are loads.

Awesome: This Land. Also, that part where Mal gets Kaylee the dress and then everyone is a jerk to her and then she finds friends yaaaaay! Also, this.

Unawesome: Oh my God, why won’t Mal and Inara freaking kiss already? Jeez!

P.S. I’ve come to the distressing but inescapable fact that every time you ship Harry/Hermione or Kara/Lee, God cancels a Joss Whedon show.

*Like the Great Colin Singleton, I much prefer baths to showers.