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Killbots and Breakdowns October 16, 2010

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Nemo: Make sure to leave the window open because I’ll be on the roof, and that window is right next to where I’ll be.

Me: Okay. Make sure you yell loud enough for me to hear it over the music.

Nemo: Okay! Make sure you turn it up loud enough for me to hear.

*I turn the music up*


Nemo: YES!

I regularly worry for the safety of this family.

Nemo just peeked through the window on a ladder and said, “KILLBOTS OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY.” I have the most terrifying family ever.

In other news, I just finished an amazing book called The Sky is Everywhere. It was so great! It made me cry, too, which sucked because I was at Mum’s office yesterday when I read it and that is not the best place to start crying, so I may have had a slight breakdown in a bathroom stall.

I was also relatively unstable and exhausted yesterday, so please do not judge. It was seriously such a good book, though. I highly reccommend it. And yes, if you have any sense whatsoever you will also fall in love with Joe Fontaine. God, that book was great.

Awesome: I found people to do A Million Ways with me for the talent show! Well, technically I found Maddie and then Maddie found Izze and Reagan, but whatever.

Unawesome: I still don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween!

Days until my birthday: Fourteen!

Days until Halloween: Fifteen!


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