Oddment! Tweak!

Watch the fangirly nerd as she fangirls and acts nerdy!


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Good morning, girls, it’s like Saturday or something!

GUESS WHO I AM ABOUT TO SEE?!?!?!??! I am about to see Darren W. Kappes! In, like, real life! For the second time! I am excited! Maybe I’ll get him to write something here. Hopefully!

Yes, Daisy, you did in fact get me to write something. See?  I just wrote the word “something.”   And it is not for the second time: Just the second time in your conscious life.   You don’t remember the first days of your life when you were loitering (yes loitering) at the law school and I would whisper in your ear “you will like necromancers and all things undead?”   And then someone would change your diaper and you would hear about unconscionability doctrine in contract law.  I got all my notes from you, Daisy, and took my queues from you:  You slept in class, so did I.

But here’s my  problem with you in a nutshell, dear friend.  I’m pretty angry at you.  And I will tell you why.  You have talent.  I can’t even draw a map of the United States without being accused of abstract art.  But you can dance, sing, write, and all of that stuff.  Heck, you have probably done all of that while I wrote this paragraph.  Yep, I heard singing.

I am deeply concerned, however, about your pillow cases.  I think they are bleeding.   This is evidenced by the purplish highlights in your hair.  It is possible this comes from a Barney finish.  That might explain the creativity, however:  If purple extinct carnivores can teach our children, maybe I too can be creative. 

No, nothing comes to mind yet.   I think it is the high altitude of Salt Lake.  Can’t breathe, the pressure….. [guest blogger passes out]

Thank you, Darren, for that lovely guest post. Now I must go, but I will return soon with much talk about Mockingjay and Slings and Arrows. Adios.

Awesome: Geoffrey Tennant. *sigh*

Unawesome: Oh God Oh God oh God I finished Slings and Arrows… withdrawal… more on that tomorrow.


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