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My great-granddaughter… is… a THESPIAN! August 9, 2010

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Hamlet! Hamlet Hamlet Hamlet! We performed Hamlet!

This is me, Ruth, and our friend Andrew being Horatio (me), Bernardo (Andrew), and Marcellus (Ruth).

The rest is silence! This is Todd! He’s dying in my arms!

I miss theater school! BUT I will be blogging more!

Awesome: Theater school!

Unawesome: Theater school being over!

Fun fact: Despite it being a fantastic song, it is not so great to sing “I’m Alive” from Next to Normal when you’re being… um… bathroom neurotic. That sounds weird but will make sense when you read the post. It’s kind of a creepy song when you sing it in a quiet voice and also there’s the “if you won’t grieve me, you won’t leave me behiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!” part that you have to be loud to sing, and I think I mentioned why you have to be quiet, but lemme tell you this: It is easier to stop singing when you’re being quiet and someone comes into the bathroom than when you’re belting. Trust me on this one.


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