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Motherfrakkin’ yo yo yo! May 10, 2010

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Oh hey! As everyone in the entire freaking world probably knows, yesterday was Mother’s Day. I didn’t post a sappy, happy post about how much I love my mom because I was busy hanging out with my mom… ’cause it was Mother’s Day. Also, I always talk about how much I love her. ‘Cause she freaking rules. And I got her a Bo Burnham (don’t click on the link unless you have headphones on-very, very not safe for work) CD instead of like, flowers, or whatever responsible children give their mothers. Oh yeah, baby.

In other news, the other day Thea e-mailed me with an awesome rap she wrote. I promptly wrote back, she replied, etc. I haven’t rapped back to her latest e-mail, but I’ll keep you posted.

Wanna hear some raps? (P.S. All spelling/grammar errors are from the original versions. I’m not editing.)


Daisy’s so awesome she’s the star of the stars

smart enough to build a rocket to go to mars

Only sometimes does she have a problem with a fraction

*whisper* and sometimes its funny to see her reaction

But man that don’t matter at all you see

Because she’s awesome. bookworm. Da-a-a-a-is–yyy


Thea is awesome, she’s the best friend evar

She’s environmental, won’t go ridin’ in a car

She’d much rather take her rollerblades

And she’s too responsible to want to have a maid

Well, okay, maybe she doesn’t like to fold her clothes

But she’s super awesome at math, she never says, “Oh no!”

She’s the bestest, she’s better than the restest

She smart, so she’ll beat all the testests!

That was supposed to be like “test”

Not testes

That’s kinda gross!


Okay, so my rap sort of fell apart there at the end

But Thea won’t care ’cause she’s a freaking awesome friend!



Yo, yo, yo, yo.


Here’s a little rap about friend

whos awesomefullness you can’t possibly comprehend

Here sweet little name is a flower, (Daisy!)

what she make me like (C-c-c-c-CRAZY!)


and heres a list of things thats shes good at

writing, fighting, and petting a cat.

reading, succeeding, not being a brat

loving, shoving, somehow not being fat

you walk by her shed say “I’d tap that.”

hurting herself in so many ways

running into walls then passing out in a haze

always using the correct phrase.


Yall better love her or ill come to your door

knock you out with a baseball bat and staple you to the floor

put your hand in warm water so you wet yourself

cover you with hollandaise and sell you to a elf

yo, yo, yo, yo

This is McThea out YALL!


Thea is the best friend in the world

She’s a stellartastic friend, and a pretty cute girl

I mean that in a platonic way

‘Cause I’m down with that, but I’m just not gay

She’s good at numbers and fractions and math

She’ll stab you to death if you invoke her wrath

She can draw like DaVinci, paint like O’Keefe

She’s kind of a ninja, but she’s not a thief

If you’re mean to her, then I’ll punch you in the face

Stab you and smear your guts all over the place

I’ll shiv you right here if you make fun of her

‘Cause she’s so nice to me, oh yeah, for sure!


I’m not down with you hating on my friend

and if you do it will be you who I end

’cause I love Daisy in a special way

but I can tell you right now that its not gay

and if you hate on her

ill cut you in a blur

ill slice your neck so fast the blood comes out blue

yea I’m sayin’ this to you

so to all yall haters heres a warning

you won’t live to see the next morning

cause Daisy and I will go ninja on your ass

and through the seventh level of hell you will not get past

cause you committed to many sins just for hating on Daisy

hopefully being in hell will make you crazy

and yes I know I already used that rhyme

but who fraking cares its a couple of lines

So if you hate my friend Daisy

don’t let your senses get to lazy

cause you’ve been warned

and if you do you will be scorned

and killed

by me


Daisy’s notes: The “somehow not being fat” thing in Thea’s second rap is a reference to how I eat a lot and am, surprisingly, not morbidly obese. And the “hurting herself in so many ways running into walls then passing out in a haze” is about how I’m a klutz and I get hurt a lot. Also, it is supposed to be McThea, not MC Thea.

Awesome: Charlie freaking McDonnell. Oh my God. How have I not watched any of his videos before? He’s awesome. And he has an English accent. Squee!

Also awesome:Oh my God, they’re making Scott Pilgrim into a movie. Starring Michael Cera. Yes yes yes yes yes.

Also also awesome: I made a video today! Finally! Yay! I’ll post it on my YouTube channel soon.

Unawesome: My stomach hurts ’cause I ate like, five pounds of pizza.


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