Oddment! Tweak!

Watch the fangirly nerd as she fangirls and acts nerdy!


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Oh hey! Apparently, yesterday was Star Wars Day, being as it was May the 4th (Be With You). I wasn’t aware of this fact in time, but I am now! Yaaaaay!

I haven’t blogged in like, five days, and I’m feeling nostalgic and bloggy. I have no idea what to blog about, but a crappy post is better than no post at all, right? Right? Fine. Here’s a list of dinosaurs some of my friends like.

Ruth: Brontosaurus.

Thea: Utahraptor.

Me: Raptors. Also, Danii Dinosaur.

Danii: Herself.

Um, yeah. Adios!

Awesome: Thiiiis! Again.

Unawesome: Um. Blood?

Disturbing: This. Do not watch if you get freaked out by cartoon blood. Actually, just don’t watch. Or do. I can’t decide.


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