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Tired and Pantsless and Dancing April 25, 2010

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Oh hey! I know, I know, I completely forgot to blog yesterday. Sorry. I guess this isn’t technically Blog Every Day in April anymore, but I will try to blog every day in April from now on.

I just finished reading a book called Spacer and Rat by Margaret Bechard, and I totally recommend it. Super duper awesome.

So today, I went over to Thea’s house for brunch ’cause her mom, Kim, is awesome and likes cooking and parties and stuff, and it was pretty fun! My friends Lila and Meredith were there, along with their friend Baylee (yeah, that’s actually the spelling) who was very nice. We played Hide and Seek a little bit (yrsh. Don’t judge) and then we played Truth or Dare because we’re twelve-year-old girls and that’s what we do. I really should’ve learned by now that bad things happen whenever I play that, but whatever. I still had really fun, despite the fact that they made Thea and I take off our pants and Michael-Jackson-dance in the middle of the street. Um. Yes. I actually did do that.

Okay, so I’m lazy and tired and I’ve been staring at this page for like, an hour, so adios for now! And now, here is Nemo with your awesome/unawesome.

Awesome: The Buddha.

Unawesome: McDonald’s Hamburgers. (I’ve actually never had one, but this is Nemo’s choice for today, as is the Awesome.)


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