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It’s like I’m living in a horror movie I’ve never seen. April 20, 2010

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Oh hey! Nothing much has happened since yesterday. Mum, Nemo, and I hung out and ate dinner. Nemo got a new issue of National Geographic. Every time they come out with a new issue, they give five geography trivia questions to answer, so Nemo decided to quiz me and Mum. I don’t remember the questions, but I remember I absolutely failed. I kept answering with place names like “Caprica” or  “Candyland” or, to mix it up a bit, “Aerilon.” We then proceeded to go on a walk, where I freaked out when we strolled down Elm Avenue, because “Isn’t that that street in that one horror movie I’ve never seen?

Mum: No, that’s Elm Street.

Me: Well. That’s close enough for me.

Then, a while later, or maybe it was before that, I can’t remember, we were walking by someone’s house when all of a sudden SCREEECH! Some kind of terrifying noise rent the air! I actually don’t remember what it sounded like, but it made it sound like we were about to get murdered. When I glanced up, I saw someone in their bathroom moving the shower curtains, which is what cause the noise, I’m pretty sure. But still.

Mum: Well, that actually sort of sounded like Psycho. *makes stabbing motions and noises*

Me: I’ve actually never seen that movie, but yeah, you’re totally right.

Pretty much, I’m living in horror movies I’ve never seen. Balls. That’s not good.

Awesome: This. This is frakking interesting.

Unawesome: Getting hit in the head with a dodgeball. That was another contribution of Thea’s.


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