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This probably doesn’t make any sense. April 19, 2010

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Oh hey!

What is the deal with Apple Jacks?

This morning, I ate some Apple Jacks, and I was thinking, “This is some good cereal!” Then I looked at the box. My gaze was met by some sort of evil, devil-spawn creatures, staring back at me.

What kind of messed-up advertiser creates creeptastic mascots like the Apple Jacks ones? Seriously! Those things look like they’re going to kill you!

Look! One of them is like, a cinnamon stick, and one is an apple, but their eyebrows are all funny and they’re scary and evil.

Is that not enough proof?


It reminds me of the time The Bloggess decided to write a story about sexy teenage cereal monsters. Only different. This all makes sense in my head, but it probably doesn’t sound that good in real life.

So, nothing much is new with me. Since I last blogged, I finished re-re-re-re-reading Paper Towns, but that’s pretty much it!

Awesome: Battlestarbook.

Unawesome: I asked Thea what to write here, and she said, “AIDS.”  So. AIDS are unawesome.


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