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Happy Happy Happy Shiny! April 19, 2010

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Oh hey! Guess what? It’s SSSSUUMMMMMEEEERRR! Hooray! It’s so pretty outside, and the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming and all that jazz! *happydance!*

I am freaking happy. It’s sunny and warm outside, I’m about to go to the library, I’m trying to convince Nemo that I want to see Riverworld not just because Tahmoh Penikett’s is the main character, but also because it looks sort of awesome and it’s based on a sci fi classic. Life is good. This is awesome.

Today is awesome because:

-It’s nice outside!

-It’s 5:55, and that’s lucky.

-MattandLaurenaregettingmarried awwwwwww!

-My nail polish is shiny!

-And sparkly.

-I’m blogging about shininess and Tahmoh Penikett.

-I’m listening to “This is a Power Ballad” by Tom Riddle and Friends.

-I currently have Facebook on the “Pirate” language setting.

-I’m wearing a tank top, which pretty much means that summer’s here in my book.

-I’m looking at a picture of me and my cousin Boo when we were really little. Awww!

-We’re making pizza.

-I’ve started re-watching Battlestar for the third time.

-I talked to Cate yesterday!

-I quoted Sam Anders in the grocery store today.


Awesome: The awesome list above.

Unawesome: Our bathroom is apparently being infested with wasps and I would really like to bathe.


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