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I am never ever giving up BSG. Also, I know nothing about the Bible. April 15, 2010

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Oh hey! I’m at Abby’s house because Kim puked twice this morning and she doesn’t know whether or not she’s contagious, but I’m staying away just in case. So send your, um, good thoughts or whatever to Kim, ’cause puking sucks. Or just leave a nice comment for her. That’s probably better.

So last night, we got a Bible for people with short attention spans/children. Mum says it’s for my “cultural upbringing,” but I’m pretty sure it’s also to prevent conversations like this:

Religious friend/relative: Blah blah blah… you know, it’s like what happened to Joseph.

Me: Joseph? My great-grandpa?

Religious friend/relative: No… in the bible. The son of Jacob.

Me: Ohhhhh, Bible Joseph. Yeah. I was in a play about him once… “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Religious friend/relative: ?

Me: You know… *singing* Go go go Joseph, you know what they say! Go go go Joseph, you’ll make it someday! Sha la la, Joseph…

Religious friend/relative: Um… that’s not…

Me: *sigh* Okay… *singing* Close every door to me, keep those I love from me, children of Israel are never a-looooone?


Me: Jeez, sorry. I was only the chorus. I don’t know any other songs.

Religious friend/relative: I think we’re talking about something different.

Yeah. I’m pretty sure we are.

In other news, Darren W. Kappes e-mailed me again.

You should Google yourself.

I think you would find it interesting.  With my name, you’d get a
police officer, a convict, me, and some dashing british guy.  With
you, you are by far the most fabulous of the Daisy S.  The others are
unhappy teenagers, or otherwise very odd.

Especially this one:  This one has a total HP fixation and keeps
watching BSG over and over again.

Oh wait.  Oops. That’s you.  HA HA HA HA.  🙂

Friendly jesting.

To which I replied:

Ahahaha. XD As long as I’m not an “unhappy teenager.” *teehee!*

Not much comes up when I Google my name, but when you search for “bookwormdaisy” you can find a lot of my stuff. 🙂

To which he replied:
There’s a twelve step program for BSG withdrawal.

1.  Admit you are powerless over your BSG addiction.
2.  Believe all this BSG watching has happened before, and will again.
3.  Take an inventory of how many hours we’ve spent watching BSG.
4.  Cut off contact with Kara Thrace.  This is the hardest step
because we’re really not all that certain what she is.
5.  Watch old BSG series to remind yourself that the cool new series
has nerdy roots.
6.  Remember that Daggett was annoying.
7.  Apologize to those who you’ve ignored to watch BSG 12,000 times.
8.  Constantly check to see if you hear music when in fact there is none.
9.  Realize that constantly complaining about seeing Gaius Baltar
naked on your blog means you are fixated on Gaius Baltar.  Crush,
maybe?  Ha ha ha ha ha!
10. Start watching Fox news so that one realizes there is a difference
between fiction and reality.
11.  Realize after several hours of watching Fox you are one of the
few who might be able to so distinguish.
12.. Repeat with HP.

Okay, I regret saying I needed help. XD I… I don’t have a problem!

*sobs* I’m going to go curl up in a corner with my shiny shiny season one guide now….

The daggit totally was annoying, though. I’ll allow you that. 🙂 And no, Baltar is the grossest person on that show. Sorry to smash your dreams. But seriously, I’m pretty sure I would’ve talked more about him on my blog if I had a  Baltar fixation…. 🙂

Well, Darren, thank you ever so much for that lovely Twelve-Step Program. I regret to inform you that I can never ever use it, especially with HP. *teehee*

You know what else is fun? Searching your name on Urban Dictionary. In fact… let’s see what they say about the name “Daisy!”


the coolest, most awesome,talented?,nicest girl ever..

Wow! I’m honored. Then again, it’s less flattering when you see that the user who posted that was named Daisy. No joke.

Awesome: Mmmmm Battlestar Galactica.

Unawesome: Vomit.


2 Responses to “I am never ever giving up BSG. Also, I know nothing about the Bible.”

  1. Darren the Paralegal Says:

    I looked up my name on urban dictionary. I’m greatly disturbed.

  2. bookwormdaisy Says:

    First name, last name, or both?

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