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Pirates are scurvy, jolly vegetable robots. That was an attempt to sum up this post. Didn’t quite work. April 12, 2010

Oh hey! New e-mail from Darren W. Kappes (by the way, Darren, if you don’t want me whoring out your e-mails for subject matter, I won’t):

My favorite ride at Disneyland is the pirates of the Caribbean.  But just before you dive down.
Near the restaurant. So peaceful.

Deadman tell no tales is funny.  Because there is a Dedman school of
law in Dallas.  I like to tell people who go there that they tell no

The lyrics they play in the ride are terrible.  Do you know what they
are saying?  It’s awful, and they are jolly about it.

I’m all for jolliness (jollyness sounds more right, but Spellcheck says no), but pirates are sort of barbaric. And scurvy. It’s like Natalie Dee says: don’t get scurvy. Teamninja.

Then Nemo e-mailed me with this:

What is Kara Thrace’s favorite vegetable?

Ahahahaha. That is totally offensive freaking hilarious. I mean, I love Anders, but that is funny.

Awesome: *teehee* Vegetable… geddit?

Unawesome: I kind of have too pee pretty bad, but I’m at Nemo’s office and the bathroom here is frakking terrifying.

Scary: The fact that the wind is blowing so hard (that’swhatshesaid) that the flagpoles outside are swaying.

Also scary: Nemo’s bathroom.

Disturbing: My fear/respect relationship with robots. They’re gonna kill us all, but they’re pretty cool.

Also even more disturbing: The amount of half-naked Gaius Baltar in Battlestar. I love you, Battlestar, but no. No no no. Not ever.


5 Responses to “Pirates are scurvy, jolly vegetable robots. That was an attempt to sum up this post. Didn’t quite work.”

  1. Darren the Paralegal Says:

    Of course I don’t mind. Would you simply sign the copyright agreement and the royalty agreement. Sign here. And here. And here….oh wait, I remembered that contracts with minors aren’t enforceable. Oh, bookwormdaisy’s Moooooooooooooom!

  2. bookwormdaisy Says:

    Ahahaha. It’s okay, we can break the rules… she’s very busy. XD

  3. Darren the Paralegal Says:

    But I want my royalty check when you’re famous.

  4. Darren the Paralegal Says:

    I mean, you’re already infamous. 🙂

  5. bookwormdaisy Says:

    Muahahahaha! But yeah, you’ll get money or fame or something. Can’t make any promises. 😉

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