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Another Crap Blog. But I have a good excuse. April 11, 2010

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Oh hey! I know yesterday’s post sucked, and I know this one will probably be pretty short, too (that’s what she said!). But the thing is, my mom’s going to be really busy for the next three weeks and some nights she doesn’t even get home until way way late. So when I have the opportunity to hang out with her, I do. Today was one of those days.

So I’m sorry if some of my posts will be crappy. There will be good blog posts in April, don’t worry.

Awesome: Sunshine!

Unawesome: Spiders.


2 Responses to “Another Crap Blog. But I have a good excuse.”

  1. Abby Says:

    Daisy, you are too funny, I was laughing my A– off at your cookie story and those of us who love to read your blog will suffer until Mum gets finished kicking serious butt at her trial!!!



  2. bookwormdaisy Says:

    Awwww, thanks, Abby. 🙂 I’ll actually have the opportunity to blog more, but it just hasn’t been working out this weekend. Thanks for commenting. ❤ xoxo

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