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It’s like He Said, She Said freakin’ knows Karl Agathon rules. April 4, 2010

Oh hey! Happy Zombie Jesus Day, as my lovely friend Cryssy puts it.

So the other day, my marvelous friend Anne commented on my blog and said, “Have you ever watched The Matrix? I think it would be good for you…” I’m assuming that translates as “Daisy, you sick, addicted frak, stop watching Battlestar Galactica and have some nice, healthy Matrix.” Nice try, Annie girl. Nice freakin’ try. Though I do really love The Matrix. And you. Remember when we used to pretend to be Rapunzel on the playground even when we were like, eleven and twelve? I would so do that again.

So anyway, today is Easter and such. I’m not religious, but a bunch of my family members are, and I still love celebrating it! I mean, free chocolate, yum. Also, dyeing eggs. I dyed eggs with Cate and Mum and Nemo last night, but more on that later. And every Easter, my family plays a game that involves breaking Easter eggs and is always really fun.

So last night, we celebrated Mum’s birthday by staying home, eating pizza, and dyeing Easter eggs. Cate came over, and that stellar child had baked my mother a cheesecake (and her cheesecakes are so divine), and then we dyed the eggs and ate pizza and cheesecake and watched Raywilliamjohnson videos, and it was super fun!

Okay, so here’s something wonderful I’ve been meaning to share with you since Friday. Thea, Emily, and I were playing He Said, She Said, a writing game that I’ve played before on this blog. Each person takes a turn writing a different thing (eg. Guy’s Name, All of a Sudden) and folding over the paper so that the next person can’t see what they wrote. They usually turn out to be pretty funny. So this one, I swear to God (and this is Easter, so I’m pretty sure that counts extra), I did not make up or rig or anything. It’s a tad bit embarrassing, but whatever, ’cause this was completely by chance. My parts will be in italics (the feral boar will charge if shot in the testes), Thea’s will be in bold, and Emily’s will just be regular. And it’ll all be in a different color than the main blog because I forgot how to do double-spaces on WordPress.

Karl Agathon and Daisy met under a bed.

He said, “I must confess… I love you with all my heart.”

She said, “Your hair is hotter than John Green! OMG guess what else is hotter than John Green? GHOSTS!”*

Suddenly, an alligator jumped through the window!

The moral is: spontaneous combustion hurts!

Yep, I did not make that up. Though I do have to admit that if Karl Agathon unexpectedly confessed his undying love to me, I would probably say something like “Your hair is hotter than John Green! OMG guess what else is hotter than John Green? GHOSTS!” just because I would be too dumbfounded to think of something more relevant to say.

I have issues.

Ew, Nemo’s playing pool on the Wii. Most frustrating game ever? I think so.

By the way, no new emails from Darren W. Kappes. I’ll keep you posted on anything particularly hilarious.

Awesome: The fact that I am now in possession of these bottles of nail polish, which look way different in real life (one is lime green and glows in black light and one is clear and sparkly):

Unawesome: Hrrrm. I don’t know. Wii pool.

*Don’t get offended, People-Who-Think-John-Green-Is-Hot, it’s an inside joke.


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