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If Zombies don’t kill us first, robots will. April 3, 2010

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Oh hey! It’s Blog Every Day April, but I didn’t do it yesterday to make you think I wasn’t going to do it. APRIL FOOL’S!

Actually, no. I didn’t have Internet yesterday, so um, not my fault at all.

So basically, we’re all going to die. I know that’s completely unrelated, but I was just reading geekologie.com and there are robots EVERYWHERE.

Robots everywhere, guys. Haven’t these inventors ever even seen Battlestar Galactica? Whenever some idiot *coughDanielGraystonecoughcough* invents robot servants, they will gain sentience and rebel.

That means killing us ALL. Everyone. The robots will spare none. Children. Baby bunnies. Tahmoh Penikett.

The stakes are high, idiot inventors. Start creating hoverboards instead.

Here are the evil motherfrakkers: Evil, Evil, and More Evil.  The first two are of a laundry-folding robot, and the last is a dancing waiter robot dressed as a samurai. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t know samurai fighting moves… yet.

Ohmygawd I just watched John Green’s new video (I’m too lazy to link it, so just go to youtube.com/vlogbrothers) and I AM SO EXCITED FOR WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON.

Holy. Crap.

I am the most distracted blogger ever. So far, I’ve watched a Vlogbrothers video, three Raywilliamjohnson videos, and checked Geekologie.

In other news, I got the new ALL CAPS CD, Bmin/E (and a Pizza John shirt!), and it is completely pwntastic. I love ALL CAPS. The first (and second) time I listened to “Can’t” I was freaking out because I recognized the opening tune and I couldn’t figure out where I’d heard it before, and I felt like Tigh and Tyrol and Tory and Anders (“It’s in the frakking ship!”), and then I realized, somewhat anticlimatically, that it was a cover of what I believe is an Alan Lastufka/Tom Milsom song. I would check, but the CD with the original is in the car and it’s cold outside. It’s like, almost seven thirty. Which is why this post is going to be pretty short.

Oh, also, I was playing He Said/She Said with Thea and Emily today, and exciting results happened, but I’ll post that tomorrow, ’cause it’s on the other computer.

Shoutout to my lovely and wonderful friend Chantiel, who had her birthday yesterday. Also, Happy Belated Birthday to Fred and George Weasley! Speaking of twins, have you ever known twins that aren’t awesome? I mean, look at all the examples: Fred and George, Luke and Leia, my friends Ben and Alex, two girls who once commented on my blog named Izzy and Gwen… and probably even more. So please, comment and tell me whether you can think of any unawesome twins. Wait, were Austin Powers and Dr. Evil twins? I can’t even remember now.

Yesterday was also April Fools’ Day! I didn’t prank anyone unfortunately, though I had an awesome one planned that involved the bloody dogtags of Kara Thrace the First. I was also going to do the classic put-a-hair-tie-around-the-spray-faucet-thing-and-fun-ensues, but Nemo was sick and I felt bad soaking a sick person.

I did, however, get pranked! Once by Mum, who put blue food coloring on the bottom of my cereal bowl so that the milk turned blue when I poured it in, and another time by Darren, my Nancy W. Kappes, Paralegal, who e-mailed me with this:

New BSG Series Announced!

So apparently they are going to do a new BSG series focusing on
Starbuck……April Fools.  🙂

To which I replied:

Oh, Darren, you motherfrakking jerk. I almost peed in happiness a little. That… that was a joke. But seriously. That would be *so* awesome. XD

*siiiigh* I’m a Kara Thrace Fangirl big time.

Awesome: Dare I say? Kara Frakking Thrace, Karl Agathon, Galen Tyrol, the list goes on.

Unawesome: The fact that Nemo was sick yesterday.


5 Responses to “If Zombies don’t kill us first, robots will.”

  1. Anne! Says:

    Have you ever watched The Matrix? I think it would be good for you…

  2. bookwormdaisy Says:

    I’ve watched the first one, and I freaking LOVE it!

    We have to hang out soon! I miss you, loverly!

  3. bookwormdaisy Says:


  4. […] mentioned before, I love acting. I’m a bit of a drama queen, which is why you get posts like this. Therefore, it might not surprise you to know that I take drama classes at out state’s lovely […]

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