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By the way, Nemo didn’t fall off of the roof. April 3, 2010

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Oh hey! It’s Day Three of BEDA, only it’s day two for me ’cause I have issues. I actually have no idea what to blog about, but we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday tonight so I might not have time later. Also, I either have to be by the computer (and the window) or outside so I can make sure Nemo doesn’t fall off of the roof.

One second, let me check and see whether or not Darren W. Kappes e-mailed me again. No. He hasn’t.

So lately, I’ve been wanting to make more videos, and also I like Battlestar Galactica, like, a lot. Like, so so much. Darren W. Kappes likes Battlestar Galactica. Yo. We’re like Joe DeGeorge and the girl who owns that coffee shop: very simliar.

Oh, we’re very simliar

We’re very similar

You like BSG

I like BSG

Oh, we’re very similar

We’re very similar

I like Peeps

I’m pretty sure you like Peeps ’cause you always e-mail me about them

Songwriting is not my strong suit.

I just learned that if you spin a regular egg on its side, it doesn’t work, but a hard-boiled one will spin like a frakking top. Awesome, huh?

So it’s almost my mom’s birthday! If you read this, you should comment and tell my mom hi. You can even send her e-vibes of stuff she likes, like, I dunno, Dear Daisy’s Mom, Happy Birthday! Jokes about balls! Harry Potter! Karl Agathon! Peeps! Haruki Murakami! Two spaces after the end of a sentence! I have a mother of many interests. She freaking rules.

I might be hanging out with my marvelous Cate soon! I love her so much. Yay!

You know what’s awesome? I mean, besides BSG and Harry Potter? Disneyland.

Awesome: Hrrrm. Galen Tyrol. I feel as if I haven’t talked about him enough lately.

Unawesome: I miss Caprica.


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