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Virtual Birthday Presents. You’re freaking welcome. March 19, 2010

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Hola! Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day! My Patrick’s Day was super awesome. I was all types of decked out in green. I had my Draco and the Malfoys shirt, I had one green sock, I had pants with green stripes on them, I had a green fuzzy ponytail holder, I had green frakking underwear. Green. Underwear. No lie.

Also, St. Patrick’s Day was the birthday of the lovely and marvelous Maria, who I’ve probably talked about here, and the birthday of my fabulous friends Ben and Alex, who probably wouldn’t appreciate being called lovely. Or fabulous, for that matter. They’re not into fabulousness and sparkles and loveliness the way I am. They’re more masculine, I suppose. Also, yesterday was the birthday of the glorious and sparkly Ruth (who’s not actually sparkly, but whatever)! Anyway. Happy Birthday, guys! Not that it matters, ’cause I don’t think Maria or Ben or Alex or Ruth reads this. XD But in case they are, here you go. Knitting! Puppies! Bunny rabbits! Hot cocoa! (Those were for Maria.) War! Football! Pharaonic Egypt! Physics! (Those were for Ben and Alex.) Puppies! Harry Potter! Nymphadora Tonks! Magic! (Those were for Ruth.) You’re welcome. That was my birthday present to you, marvelous friends. You’re welcome. I love you, little dragons. Now I will resume.

Oooh, and Livestream! I had my second ever Livestream experience on Wednesday night for JFF’s Midnight Tweet! It was very fun, and Danii and Cryssy and Matt and a bunch of wonderful people were there who I got to talk with, and I had fun scream-typing stuff about haggis tacos while everyone puked. And Justin was fantasmical, as usual! I only wish he could have really been there, so I could’ve had a Magic Hug of Wonder.

I finished re-reading the Uglies series as well as Extras, which was, as always, amazing. Scott Westerfeld, you are sort of my hero. One of them. I have a lot of heroes.

Sigh. Quick question. Why the freak hasn’t anyone created hoverboards? Seriously! They would be the best thing EVER! I mean, how hard would it be to install a magnetic grid under the streets everywhere? Psssh. I should just engineer the destruction of humanity. Then people would start inventing. Wow. Sorry. I’ve been reading too much Westerfeld. /rant

In other news, I went to get my freakin’ messed up knees checked out, and I have tibial torsion, which is basically twisted bones. That sounds a lot worse than it actually is. It still hurts, though, so they’re putting me through physical therapy, which I was kind of scared about, but Mum said it’s not bad. For some reason I was picturing Special Circumstances agents watching me, like, run in a giant hamster wheel or something, which is weird, because there’s like, no human testing in Uglies. Huh.

Anyway, I have to go, ’cause Thea and I are going to go see Sherlock Holmes, possibly with Ruth.

Awesome: I’m very excited for Ruth’s birthday party tomorrow, which will be awesome and I’ll tell you about it later!

Unawesome: Overpriced movie theater food. I mean, the food is awesome, the prices are not.

Word of the Day: BSGWithdrawal. Haha. Just kidding. But I seriously need me some Battlestar to keep me sane.


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