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I should just get thrown in jail already. March 16, 2010

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Oh hey! What’s up?

First off, Battlestar. Mum said she quite liked The Woman King, and now she’s officially watched every single episode of Battlestar! Yay! I’m so proud!

Secondly, I feel like I’ve been punched everywhere repeatedly from playing the Wii. I guess that’s what you get when you spend your whole life 1. Reading, 2. Watching Battlestar Galactica, and 3. Being on the Internet all the frakking time. Mleargh. Haha. Who’s out of shape? DAISY IS! It’s probably from not getting thrown in jail all the time. Ha. Get it? No, you don’t? ‘Cause whenever Kara Thrace gets thrown in the brig, she does push-ups like crazy. I’m assuming this is because there’s not much to do in jail. I don’t know. I’ve never been. So the moral is? I have to start getting thrown in the brig more. Except we don’t have a brig. FRAK. Maybe I should just start doing push-ups of my own accord? Unlikely. Not while I have Internet access. Also, I suck so bad at push-ups. Um, and I would like to clarify that I mean the exercise, not the type of bra. I’m twelve, y’all. No pushup bras for me.

Thirdly, I was totally going to take a picture of me doing a push-up, but it’s hard to do that with a computer, even if Thea’s helping you, and so, long story short, I ended up looking sort of like I was making out with the floor.

Fourthly, New freaking Jersey keeps calling Thea’s house. The caller ID is all “New Jersey.” Huh?

Sixth and lastly, they have belied a lady. (Do you see what I just did there? Because if you’re not familiar with Much Ado About Nothing, that won’t be funny at all to you. Sorry.)

Seventhly, DANIEL. Haha. *sigh* You don’t get it? Go watch yourself some frakking Battlestar.

Eighthly, you’d think this post would be getting pretty long, because we’re on number eight, but noooo. Of course not. Haha, number eight. Get it? Number Eight? As in Sharon Valerii?

La la la.

Awesome: Kara Thrace, in the brig, doing push-ups. It sounds like a Clue accusation. Sort of.

Unawesome: Hrrrm. Sucking at push-ups? I don’t know.

Word of the Day (yeah, I stole that idea from Thea, but she’s cool with that): Flamboyant. Say it. FLAMboyant. FlamBOYant. It’s a fun word to say!


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