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Living on Capricaaaaaaa…. March 9, 2010

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Hey guys! I’m sick today, but not like I was last month when I was puking constantly and watched, like, ten hours of Battlestar Galactica in one day. Oh no. This is Tiny Chicken Disease.

Rawr. Tiny chickens in the head. In the nose. In the throat.

So anyway, I’m in Nemo’s office and I was going to read Sherlock Holmes, but that requires brainpower and attention that the tiny chickens stole, so now I’m watching all of the fiveawesomegirls videos I missed. Also, I’ve listened to Battlestar Rhapsody so many times I want to simultaneously stab and hug The Great Luke Ski, who made it.

Stab him so hard.

Assuming it’s a him. Maybe Luke Ski is a girl. Whatever. Stab and hug.

I love this song.

This world is a mess, and I just need to… rule it. Awesome! Dr. Horrible reference!

Careful. There are spoooooilllers in the video.

Blergh. My throat hurts.

La di da di da… this is a totally crappy post, but I’m really not sure what to write about, and I’m sick.

Awesome: *siigh* Dare I say? Battlestar Frakking Rhapsody. Also the part where he says, “What TF? FTL!” And you hear one part in your left ear and one part in your right ear. It kinda tingles.

Also awesome: Last night, I told my mom about my wordle.com picture, and she was like, “Is it just like, ‘Tyrol Tyrol Tyrol Tyrol-‘” Me: “Nope. They don’t repeat words.” Mum: “Ahh. So was the word ‘Tyrol’ just like, huge?” Me: “Well….” Mum: “I’m just kidding!” Me: “Actually… it was sort of like that….”

Unawesome: The tiny chickens.


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