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I am disappointed in you, Christopher Columbus March 8, 2010

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Oh hey!

**Here there be spoilers.**

So this weekend, I saw The Lightning Thief with Mum, Nemo, Thea, and Cate.  It was fun, but nowhere near as good as the book. Lemme just make a list of bullet points on my reactions.

-Um, Mrs. Dodds as a Fury? EFFING. SCARY.

-There was going to be something here about Grover being black, but then my mom was all, “Yeah, he’s black in the books, too,” so I stand defeated. Not that I have a problem with black satyrs, I just thought they were majorly differentiating from the book.

-Um. Annabeth is supposed to be blonde with grey frakking eyes. Epicfail.

-Luke actually looked pretty much like he did in my mind in the books.

-WTF about leaving out all the stuff with Kronos? That is a major. Plot point.

-They were in high school? They were supposed to be TWELVE!

-Hades. Ohmygawd he was so scary. The big, fiery version, I mean.

-It was funny watching Cate drool over Percy. Hahaha.

-Also, Thea and Cate both thought Luke was, and I quote, “Smexy.” I couldn’t make this crap up. I was all, “People still say that?”

-Mlljrlarggg. The hellhounds sorta scared the crap out of me, but they looked nothing like they should’ve looked.

-Couldn’t they just have slipped in the whole “Annabeth likes Luke” thing? I mean, it makes everything so much more interesting and dramatastic!

-Why why why didn’t they talk about Thalia?

So. That was my rant about it. Now I’m re-reading the book.

Anyway, I just found this website called wordle.com, where you enter your blog’s URL and it spits out a picture that tells you what your blog is about. Mine is… interesting. I would link to it, but I can’t copy and paste it, ’cause it’s screwy, so just click on the wordle link, type in bookwormdaisy.wordpress.com, and see for yourself. It won’t take that long. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Manatee. *cough*

Anyway, after I saw The Lightning Thief, Cate came home with us and she gave my mother Costa Rican coffee (from, you know, when she went to Costa Rica) and gave me a cute little wooden parrot and an awesome wooden turtle and a little wooden coffee cart. Then I gave her a red JFF kazoo, a shirt, and a tacklehug I promised Cryssy I’d give her. I was like, “What should I name the parrot?” And Cate immediately responded, “Karl?” And Mum was like, “Galen?” So I had to say, “Shut up!” Hahahaha. I love them so much.

And then we ate dinner and played, you guessed it, Don’t Break the Ice.

Best. Game. Evar.

Awesome: Wrockstock 2010, Episode One. Eeeeeek! So excited!

Also awesome: geekologie.com, which I just found and is amazing. I checked this morning, and now, at 4:46, there are like, five more posts.

Unawesome: The fact that I totally thought Christopher Columbus, who directed The Lightning Thief, would do a really good adaptation, but sort of failed. I mean, when you consider that he directed Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets, which he did so awesomefully, you would’ve thought he’d do an amazing, amazing job!


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