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Grendel on the Brain. Literally. February 26, 2010

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Okay, this post is going to be short and crappy because I don’t have much time to write it, but basically the Bloggess put a cat on her head and then Morgan Freeman did and so this is my response, only I’m using Thea’s cat, Grendel, instead of Lexie because I’m at Thea’s house.

Wow. That was way harder than you make it look, Bloggess.

Awesome: The fact that I’m having a sleepover with Boo tonight, and also the fact that Mum thought my disgusting, fangirlish nicknames for certain fictional characters were awesome, not disgusting.

Unawesome: Writers’ block. Stab stab stab.


4 Responses to “Grendel on the Brain. Literally.”

  1. Mum Says:

    Yikes, I’m glad Grendel didn’t have her claws out! If you’d tried that with Pretty Boy Floyd, your brain might’ve actually been exposed!

    Writer’s block = spork to the eye


  2. bookwormdaisy Says:

    *eyespork* Genius!

    Haha, I know. That’s why I tried it with Grendel. She’s relatively kind.

  3. I cannot stop giggling. Bad-ass.

  4. bookwormdaisy Says:

    Thanks! 🙂 Thanks a bunch for stopping by. Don’t forget to be awesome!

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