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Long Scarves! Fangirls! Pants! February 11, 2010

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(Notice: Seriously, I think all of my blogs will have some BSG spoilers. So BEWARE!!!!!!!)

Hey guys! I know I haven’t blogged in a couple of days. A lot has happened, and I have so much stuff to tell you! Be prepared for fangirling, adventures, long scarves, and pants. Lots and lots of pants.

So, when I last wrote, I was excited because I was going to go to my little friend Archer’s birthday at the awesome blowup slide place. Well, on Saturday, I finally got to go, and it was, quite frankly, awesome. I had an amazing time, and totally out-nerded everyone when I happydanced about the Batman decorations. (Though, honestly, I’m more of a Marvel girl.) Frak, even all the grandparents were having fun. That place is magic.

Except for it probably made me sick. Because it’s a total germ factory.

Sure enough, the next day I got sick. Puuuuuke. Not going to go into the details there, but because of all the pukey sickness I stayed home for until Tuesday and got to watch lots and lots of old episodes of Battlestar, so it didn’t completely suck. Also, once I puked within a few minutes of the scene where Sharon pukes, and that made me laugh ’cause I’m gross.

Actually, the weekend up until then wasn’t actually as eventful as I thought it was. I basically just watched lots of Battlestar and vomited everywhere and drank lots of ginger ale.

Then yesterday, I was going to go back to Thea’s, but I decided to go into work with Nemo just to make sure I was totally un-contagious and stuff, and I was, so that’s awesome, and that enabled me to go to my Wednesday Theater Class of Awesome, which was really fun as always. Someone gave me a cookie, and I eated it. I don’t remember whether Miko or Kitty gave it to me, but I’m going to say that it was Kitty, because that would be supremely hilarious.

Oooh, and I got cast! So we’re doing this folktale/fableish play called Toad is the Uncle of Heaven, and I play a dying flower (yes), one of the Hounds of Heaven, and part of the chorus. I only actually get lines as the chorus, but as the hound I get to do a fight, and as the flower I get to die, and those are really fun. As you may or may not know, I’m usually more into peopleish plays (especially Shakespeare), but this is really fun! Woohoo! Our teacher’s name is Kelby, and she’s really nice.

So today I was going to go to Thea’s, but- surprise!- there’s something wrong with my throat. Like, blistery-wrong. So now I have an appointment at the doctor’s office for 2:00, to make sure it’s not contagious. I really hope it’s the not-Herpes I had in November (just read the post, and you’ll understand. I don’t have Herpes, y’all) because that’s not contagious, and I’m so excited for OKC!!! OHMYGAWD! I leave tomorrow! Eeeee! I get to see my Cryssy!

Oh, and also, Mum and I came up with a very awesome way of nicknaming people, and we tried it out on Battlestar characters. (I’m sorry, if you don’t want to hear me ramble on about BSG, just leave.)

So, here’s what you do:

Step one: Take the person in question’s first name/rank.

Step two: Add an adjective that describes them.

Step three: Add the word “pants.”

Thusly, you have awesome names like:

Gaius Baltar: Dr. Crazypants.

Galen Tyrol: Chief Awesomepants (I’m sorry, that’s just what you get when you put fangirls in charge of the naming process).

Doc Cottle: Dr. Crankypants.

William Adama: Admiral Ironpants. (I don’t know, it just fits. Okay?)

Karl “Helo” Agathon: Karl Perfectpants (See above comment on Chief Awesomepants).

Billy Keikeya: Billy Sweetiepants. (He *is* a total sweetie, is he not?)

Ellen Tigh: Ellen Hookerpants.

Number Six: Skankypants Six.

Colonel Saul Tigh: Colonel Angrypants.

Sam Anders: Sam Sportypants.

Tory Foster: I don’t quite remember what we decided, but it was probably, like, Tory Evilpants or Tory Maliciouspants or something.

And that’s just the beginning! You see, inevitably at some point of the show, everyone can be a Crazypants just like Dr. Baltar! I mean, you have President Crazypants, Lieutenant Crazypants (which works for just about everyone, but currently I’m thinkin’ Crashdown), and many more!

Have any other ideas? We tried naming Starbuck, too, but all we could come up with was Kara Goddesspants and Kara Sexypants (don’t deny it. Everyone wants Starbuck).

Another thing we noticed was that Cylons (aside from members of the Final Five and Number Six) are generally very difficult to nickname. We tried naming Number Eight, but that was really difficult. Nemo voted for Sharon Luckypants for Sharon Agathon, and Sharon Easypants for Sharon Valerii. That earned him anger from me. I do think the Cavil/Boomer thing is icky, but Nemo was also referring to the fact that she used to be frakking Tyrol. Mean Nemo. XD At least it’s not as bad as the time he told me (before we knew who the Final Five were) that the reason he knew that Tyrol was a Cylon was because there was no other way a fantasmically gorgeous (okay, those weren’t the words he used, but still) girl like Sharon would be with him. *siiiiiigh* Haha. The thing is, Nemo likes Tyrol. He has nothing against Tyrol. It’s just that I like him, and that deserves ridicule from Nemo. Teeheeeheee.

But seriously. Comment if you have any other ideas.

Anyway, that’s how I’ve been doing! Ta ta for now!

Awesome: The fact that I just realized that 5 of my “Awesome”* segments are dedicated to Chief Tyrol and/or Aaron Douglas. That may just be pathetic, not awesome.

Unawesome: The fact that there is only one “Awesome” part dedicated to the wonderfulness that is Karl Agathon. This is going to change. I can’t decide whether that resolution is awesome or just pathetic.

P.S. Also awesome: The fact that, because of a very odd discussion, Cate and I now use the term, “I would knit a long scarf for ___” whenever we think that “____” is attractive. Whatever you think the reason for this is, you’re wrong. Unless you’re Cate. Then you’re totally right.

P.P.S. Also also awesome: The Eye of Jupiter duct tape ring I made.

*It’s in quotation marks because that’s what it’s called, not because it’s fakely awesome.


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