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Gay Canadians, Cate, Battlestar, and *PUPPIES!* Yrsh. February 2, 2010

Hey guys, it’s me, Daisy! I actually have a frakload of stuff to talk about today! O.o

First off and completely random: Natalie Dee is the best.

Secondly, I forgot. Oh yeah.

Thirdly, my fingers were accidentally misplaced when I was trying to type “yeah” so it looked like yrsh.

Oh yrsh.

Back to secondly. I hung out with Cate this weekend! She just got back from Costa Rica with her class, and I. Missed. Her. So. Much. We had a good time hanging out and hugging and talking about Costa Rica and stuff! Then, we went to visit Nemo’s roommate’s dog’s puppies. HOLYFRAK. Those puppies. Are so freaking cute. Ohmygawd.

Also, we watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which was my fifth time watching it, but only Cate’s first. Needless to say, she loved it. I mean, who doesn’t love Dr. Horrible? Honestly. GOD, I love that movie. *I can haz sequel nao plz joss whedon?*

Ooooh, and we played Don’t Break the Ice. Have you ever played that? It’s the best game ever, almost. You take a while setting it up and then you get to hit things with hammers, and there’s a polar bear but we never use him because it’s too hard to stick him in the ice. Cate and I always play that game at my house for some reason.

So yeah, we had a good time! Oh, and on Saturday night (at least, I think it was Saturday. I forget. It might have been Wednesday. Just kidding. I know it wasn’t Wednesday), Mum and I made brownies and pizza and then we went to the movie rental place and rented the first disc of season one of Battlestar Galactica and brought it home to watch, only they had the miniseries for sale at F.Y.E. next door, and we bought that and watched ALL THREE HOURS of the four episodes in the miniseries, which was totally awesome! Also, I saw Awesome Nerdtastic Movie-rental-place-Guy again, whose name, I figured out, is Josh, and I talked to him about BSG again (last time I saw him, he told me his theory that Kara Thrace is one of the angelics from the old series). He didn’t know that the Caprica premiere was last Friday, and he missed it. 😦 Poor Nerdtastic Josh.

So you know, the usual. I love Battlestar Galactica, and Cate and I are inseparable.

Oh, and guess what? Thea has a new cat, temporarily. They’re long-term catsitting. His name is Pretty Boy Floyd, though currently he has been dubbed Angry Floyd (by me). He has pretty, fluffy, black fur and he’s sometimes very sweet. I’d take a picture of him, but he’s downstairs in Max’s room and he hisses and yowls every time I approach him.

So, due to some clever relocation, I have been sitting in the living room of Thea’s house all morning, blogging and re-reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson (who is lovely, and a wonderful fort-builder). I’ve debated going into Thea’s room to plug the laptop in, but Angry Floyd was in there, and he was angry, but Max moved him downstairs and now I can go into Thea’s room, and I might, except for there’s nowhere to sit in there, because she’s sprawled out on the bed and the beanbag is in here with the cover off of it, because it’s being washed free of bunny pee, and there is a plug in here, but I’m not sure whether or not I should use it because I think it exploded once maybe.

So yeah! I’ve been having a pretty wonderful day. I’ll blog again soon, never fear!

Awesome: Carousing with Cupid! I am going to Carousing wit Cupid really soon! πŸ˜€ And I’ll see Matt, and Justin, and CRYSSY!!!!!!!! YAY!

Unawesome: Dead Unicorns. But this picture is totally hilarious.

P.S. When Cate was hanging out, we were talking about BSG (even though Cate’s never seen it, but she thinks it looks awesome) and Mum was talking about how hot Helo and Chief Tyrol are. After a while, Nemo joined in and said that he read that, like, three out of five gay Canadian males think Aaron Douglas (who plays Tyrol) is uberhot*, and a couple minutes later, he said, “Like, if you had a locker, there would be pictures of Aaron Douglas all over it.” I asked if he meant me, or if he meant if I was a gay Canadian, and he was like, “…. Both. You have a lot in common with gay Canadians. I think you would get along splendidly with them.”

I would like to know some gay Canadians.

*Which may or may not have been made up by Nemo.


6 Responses to “Gay Canadians, Cate, Battlestar, and *PUPPIES!* Yrsh.”

  1. Mum Says:

    So, I have to leave *now* for the airport to go pick Sensei up, but I am dying over here! This made me laugh sooooo hard–thank you! πŸ˜€

    Love you love you love you love you!

    PS: Tyrol and Helo ARE hot. That fact has been objectively established by a panel of scientists who, ummm, . . . yeah.

  2. bookwormdaisy Says:

    Say hi to Daniel (um, I mean, Doen) for me!

    Is “scientists” now your word for “fangirls and gay Canadians?” XD Love you!

    • Mum Says:

      Um, yrsh.

      Now that we’ve established that Tyrol and Helo (I mean, Tyrol and The Beautiful and Good) are objectively hot, let’s get down to more pressing philosophical questions. Such as, why is it that you are a Dog Kicker and a Dog Eater? Hmmmmmm????

  3. vindemiate Says:

    Dr. Horrible is so awesome! Love the movie.

  4. bookwormdaisy Says:

    Pssssh. Frakkin’ dogfrakker. πŸ˜‰

  5. bookwormdaisy Says:

    Um, I would like to make it clear that I was saying that to my mother, NOT vindemiate. Thanks for commenting on my blog, yo. XD

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