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Darby Conley is Going to Kill Me, also I’m Not Hayleyghoover January 28, 2010

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Hey guys! What’s up?

I’m just hanging out and stuff. Earlier, I  found Bucky Katt’s Big Book of Fun on Thea’s bookshelf, which I haven’t read part of, so I read it, and that was fun! I told her, “I didn’t know you had any Get Fuzzy* books!” and she was like, “I don’t. This is Miles’**.” So then I read it. Note to Miles: If you’re reading this, that is TOTALLY A LIE. It was my copy. I totally bought it. With my own money. Or maybe I was like, five, in which case, I had no money and someone bought it for me. Choose whichever version you’d like.

So anyway… um… I’m not quite sure what to talk about. I’m not Hayley Frakking Hoover, y’all. My sister has never caught a fugitive (like hayleyghoover’s sister did once) and I do not live in a haunted dorm room. My cousin-ish sister-ish thing Shinika plays basketball, though, and so does my cousin-ish sister-ish thing Boo. I don’t even want to live in a haunted dorm room, so it’s all good. That’s quite enough excitement for me. 🙂

So… what should I talk about? Battlestar Galactica’s cool. I’m not sure what to talk about… maybe I’ll just go the easy way and make lists of random crap. XD There has to be something to talk about….

La la Battlestar Galactica la la la….

Oh! Yeah! The dance audition for The Final Battle‘s coming along nicely. I actually, like, can figure out the moves. It’s pretty frakkin’ bizarre. And fun! It’s exciting!

I. AM. SO. EXCITED. FOR. CAPRICA. HOLYBALLS. Also, I’m suffering from Battlestar Withdrawal Symptoms. I’m barely even joking. I misssss Battlestar. AND CATE. Have I mentioned that I miss Cate? Wait! What day is it? SHE’S COMING BACK REALLY SOON!

Caaaaaaprrrricaaaaaaaaaaaa……. TOMORROW! Tomorrow is Caprica! YAY!

YAYAYAYAYYYY! Anyway…. I should probably get going, but I’ll write again soon, hopefully with something more interesting! Sometime after Friday, I’ll talk about Caprica, too! *huggles* Bye!

Awesome: The Pirate Text Translator.

Unawesome: Battlestar Withdrawal. Not nearly as bad as Post-Potter Depression, but still rather serious.

*I put the link in case Darby Conley, by some magical freaktastic miracle, reads this and decides to sue me. I love you, Darby Conley (is it Conely or Conley???).  So don’t sue, and also don’t jump to conclusions and murder me. I live on, like, the other side of the continent. Killing me wouldn’t be worth your time.

**Thea’s brother.


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