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Caprica and Sherlock and Guinea Pigs (OH MY)! January 26, 2010

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Hi guys! I know I haven’t blogged in too long, sorry. I’ve just been hanging out and stuff, but yeah. Also, it’s been the weekend. I usually blog at Thea’s house.

So! Anyway! Yesterday was Nemo (my dad)’s birthday, so on Sunday, we went to go see Sherlock Holmes.

Holy frakking crap.

Sherlock Holmes FTW. Go see it.

Oh, and guess what? We… um… we got DirecTV. Solely for the purpose of watching Caprica. Yup. I am SO excited. Everyone said that the season premiere would be on Friday, but it wasn’t. 😦 That’s okay, though, ’cause then we re-watched the Caprica movie. XD

So, this weekend was pretty fun. Aside from Sherlock Holmes and Caprica (which was technically on Friday, but whatever), we rented Razor for Nemo to watch, because he hadn’t already. He was shocked when *SPOILER ALERT!* Cain shot that guy in the head, even though we heard about it in the series. Under-frakkin’-standable. Even Not-As-Evil-As-Cain-But-Still-Pretty-Evil Fisk was shocked. And remember in the series when Fisk told Tigh about that happening, and Tigh, drunk, crazy Tigh, was all like, “… Whoa….”

Holy balls, I hate Helena Cain. She might be my least favorite character in BSG. Maybe. She’s definitely up there. Or maybe down there. I don’t even know up from down anymore. Uhhhh… yeah.

In other news, I MISS CATE SO MUCH. Sofreakingmuch. You might not know this, but currently she’s in Costa Rica with school, along with a lot of other people that I miss a lot. And a few I don’t miss at all. And I few I like a lot but don’t know well enough to miss. Actually, there’s just one of those.

Anyway, when Cate gets back I’m going to steal her and take her over to my house and we can watch Dr. Horrible and HBP and build pillow forts and cuddle and stuff. She’s sort of like my sister, except for we’re nice to each other and we don’t punch each other. Also, I’ve seen how she acts with Liz, her actual sister. It’s not desirable. XD I like Liz.

La di da da addddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……. I need to do my dance audition for the Final Battle…. la la laaaaaa….. laa. Face!

My finger is disabled because Ginny (short for Ginger Tonks Koshy) the guinea pig bit it. OW. Balls, they have sharp teeth. You’d never think such cute little motherfrakkers could leave such a mark! I’m a bit concerned, though, ’cause I’m pretty sure rodents have poisonous teeth or something. Just kidding. There is something with rodents, though. I don’t think being bitten by them is healthy.

Hey, Fake-Doctor-Mum! Is that okay that I was bitten by a possessed guinea pig? Please leave a comment, or e-mail me, or something.

Soooooo…. I’m not sure what to talk about….

La la la, I love BSG, la la la.

Well, I think I’ll go now! *huggles*


Awesome: This!

Unawesome: Admiral Helena Cain.

P.S. If you’re wondering why all of my posts have “squeeing” and “fangirling” as tags, rest assured that I’m thinking about fangirling as I write them.

P.P.S. I was just reading my post where I sort BSG characters into different Hogwarts houses, and I as laughing at how you can totally tell which characters I love. Like, for Tyrol or Helo or Starbuck, I’m all talking fangirlishly about their qualities, and with like, Tory, I don’t even talk about her. I just yell out her house and get it over with.


4 Responses to “Caprica and Sherlock and Guinea Pigs (OH MY)!”

  1. Mum Says:

    “Fake” doctor? I resemble that comment! (Ba-dum-dum — ching! I’m here all week.)

    Did that effing rodent break the skin on your finger? My diagnosis depends on that fact.

  2. bookwormdaisy Says:

    Uh, sort of. I’ll have to show you. 🙂 It doesn’t even hurt too bad, but I was just wondering.

  3. Mum Says:

    Having examined the finger, I can say you’re in no medical danger.

    Now, about the possession, I cannot say . . . .

  4. bookwormdaisy Says:

    Yay! I’m not in medical danger! Thanks!

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