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Marathons and Cracker and Battlestar (Oh My!) January 8, 2010

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Hey guys! I’ve been having a pretty awesome day so far. I’ve been reading, and I had a guitar lesson with Thea and her brother Max, which was cut short when Kim burned some spanakopita and we ran out of the room coughing and snorting. Also, Thea and I played another writing game. This one was different. For the first two, Thea would say a word and then I would and we’d alternate words to make a story. For the third, we did the same thing, but each person got two words per turn. I think I’ll share them. I would have Thea’s be in italics and mine not, but that’s just so confusing. Just leave it up to your own imagination as to who wrote what.

And yes, you will find yourself questioning our sanity.

Number one:

I once loved a man named Cracker. He was the most deeply disturbed creature I had ever punched. He knew a Cylon named Leoben. He was a messed up Cylon. The only place he would go was London in his pants. Cracker didn’t love sunlight, but loved poodles. Cracker had a cat named Filipo. He scratched Cracker’s ear. Cracker once killed an elephant in Georgia. Suddenly, his eyes turned deep rainbow. I thought that he was physco. I didn’t love him anymore.

Number two:

Rainbows splashed in the bunny’s innards. The only dark thing that the bunny loved was chocolate. He had a name. His name was Tripod. He loved nothing except his innards which were covered with rainbows. Fish liked to climb in his guts, so he ate them. Acid bubbled on the bunny’s toes. The toes hurt in so many disturbing fish. The fish liked to eat nerdy mathletes. Tripod liked nerdfighters to eat.

Number Three*:

Sam came to a bar. Everyone loved SciFi and killed Cylons for fun. Sam loved a Cylon who was mentally disturbed. Sam was not deeply disturbed.

Those were fun, weren’t they? … I hope they were. Last night, I got Season 4.5 of Battlestar Galactica in the mail! I only watched one episode and I am DYING TO WATCH MORE! Alsjdl’fjasdlf;alkslfl;kbalxtsblakjl;dsBALLS.  We’re having a BSG marathon tonight, teeheehee. XD I’m not giving anything away, but for anyone who has watched Season 4.5, episode one, OMG! When the thing happened and the person did that thing and stuff? O.o I guess that’s not very specific… but the whole episode was quite shocking.


Anyway… soooo… I really love Battlestar Galactica… a lot… um… yeah… I’m really obsessed with raspberry zinger tea… I drank, like, two cups of it in the space of an hour… it was intense.

I guess I’ll go now… see you soon! And by soon, I mean, like, Monday or so, because I’ll be having a Battlestar marathon for most of the weekend. XD

Awesome: Raspberry tea and Battlestar Galactica and Cracker.

Unawesome: Only one more season left… *sob* Calm down… I still have Caprica… and The Plan…

*Hahahahahaha D’Anna Biers.


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