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We were eating fairies, hahaD’AnnaBiers, and my love of Galen Tyrol January 7, 2010

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Hey guys! I just finished playing some frakked-up writing games, and I thought I’d copy some of them down. Predictably, my parts are riddled with BSG references. XD The first four are from a game called “He Said, She Said,” where you have to write down different things and then fold over the paper so the next person can’t see, and then you read them out loud. The fifth one is from a game I don’t know the title of where you write three lines and then fold down the paper so the next person can only see one line, and they continue it, etc. etc.

Thea’s parts will be in italics and mine won’t.

Number one:

Jack the flower and Number Six met in a bunny’s bowels. He said, “Good hunting.” She said, “You’re hawt!” All of a sudden- BOOM! The moral is DON’T TOUCH THE BIRD!*

Number two:

Apollo the bunny and Kara Thrace met in an elephant’s poop. He said, “FRAK!” She said, “This isn’t the most romantic place.” All of a sudden, there was a devastating attack.** The moral is not to eat poison spiders.

Number three***:

Karl Agathon and Zack the teapot met on New Caprica. He said, “BLARG!” She said, “Why, hello there, handsome!” All of a sudden they became a gay couple. The moral is: everyone poops.

Number four:

Galen Tyrol and Apollo’s effbuddy met in CIC. He said, “Hey, can I put my basilisk in your Chamber of Secrets?” She said, “That’s sexy!” All of a sudden, a giant crap fell from the sky. The moral is: ghosts are HOT!”

Note: The next one… contains some profanity. Because of Thea. Sorry. Actually, never mind. The profanity will be edited and made less profane by me.  P.S. I would like to note that I’m not censoring, particularly, but this blog is (relatively) family friendly.

Number five:

The rabbit began to screw a stuffed animal bird and then someone’s arm. He loved all things… violently. “Yay!” He said. “Hooray, hooray, hippity yay!”

“…What?” She asked, pulling her short blond hair into a ponytail.

“I got a PROMOTION! I’m a lieutenant!”

“Eff you!” She paused to glare at her. “I wanted that job!”

“Tough luck, I got it!” She stopped and sneered.

“Why are you being such a miserable little frak? You used to love me.”

“That was a long time ago,” she replied bitingly. “We were eating fairies we had caught earlier that day when the Queen Fairy came and turned us into frogs. The spell wore off after at least an hour of singing upside-down.” There was silence as he watched her jog in place.

“That,” he said,” is the stupidest story I’ve ever hear, and that’s saying something because…” she was cut off, for a fairy was standing right outside! The Queen raised her wand and turned them into piglets! We were oinking and rolling around!”

“Yeah, right,” he said, eyebrow raised. “Then what?”

“The magical alligator walked in and bit off all of their heads and they all died happily ever after… the end.

Then they all said together, “HOLY SHIZ!****”

Well… that was fun! I don’t really know what else to write about, so I’ll probably go now… Bye!

Hoping that the next episodes of BSG will come tonight,


Awesome: Galen Tyrol. Words cannot describe how much I love him.



*Inside joke. Very disturbing inside joke.

**Guess who watched Razor last night?

***No, I don’t mean D’Anna Biers. Hahhahahahaha that’s funny….

**** That’s actually how she wrote it, I didn’t edit that part.

P.S. I would like to note that I’m not censoring, particularly, but this blog is (relatively) family friendly.


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