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I’m Probably Way Too Addicted January 6, 2010

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in ages, but the past is behind us, eh? And neither has Hayleyghoover, but no one is mad at her! Okay… maybe they are… some of them… but I’M not! I love Hayleyghoover!

I really should talk about Wrockstock and how amazing it was, but that’ll take ages and I’m lazy and I can’t stop thinking about BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Battlestar Galactica yesssssss.

Bessssst. Show. EVEAARRRRRRRRR. I can’t even DESCRIBE how obsessed I am. I won’t even TRY. Instead I’ll just, like, talk about some of my favorite characters. ‘Cause I’m lazy. I haven’t blogged in months, but I sure haven’t changed much.

No spoilers! Unless, you know, you consider names and pictures as spoilers.  Which you shouldn’t.

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace:

Lee “Apollo” Adama:

Boomer/Sharon/Number Eight/Athena:  

Chief Galen Tyrol:

Karl “Helo” Agathon:

President Laura Roslin:

Anastasia (?) “Dee” Dualla:  

William Adama:

Cally Henderson Tyrol:  

Samuel T. Anders:  

Billy Keikeya:

Felix Gaeta: I sort of totally want his singing skills.

Even though he’s a drunk, angry little frak, I have to admit that I like Tigh, too.

I have a lot of other favorite characters, but I’m losing track…. I’m probably forgetting someone totally major… hmm….

Anyway, yeah. Battlestar Galactica is amaaazing.

I don’t really know what else to talk about. I like, breathe Battlestar Galactica like AIR. Though it will never usurp Harry Potter. NEVER EVER EVER EVER.

Ummm… I’ll just go now… love you guys! Bye!

Awesome: Aaron Douglas, the guy who plays Chief Tyrol. Not to be fangirlish or anything, but he rocks. Also, today I leaned that he is in a society of JEDI CHEFS. For reals. Jedi. That cook.

Unawesome: When my favorite characters die. ;(

Days until my obsession wears off: NEVER!

P.S. If you want to watch me rave about Battletstar Galactica, check out my YouTube channel. Assuredly, there will be Battlestar there.


15 Responses to “I’m Probably Way Too Addicted”

  1. Mum Says:

    Battlestar Galactica FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And YUM on Starbuck, Boomer, Tyrol, and Helo! (Sorry, that’s probably gross from your mama.)

    I can’t help myself–I love Tigh. He’s just so beautifully cranky. I’m going to adopt him as my new in-court persona. Complete with eyepatch.

  2. bookwormdaisy Says:

    YES! Tigh eyepatch FTW!

    And no… it’s not really that gross, actually. XD

    I’m sure you agree on Gaeta’s singing? He has mad, mad skillz.

  3. Mum Says:

    Absolutely on Gaeta’s singing. If I could become a castrato to sing like that, I’d seriously consider it. Of course, I guess I already am . . . kind of.

    But yeah, he actually reminds me of some of the singers we’ve heard in Shakespeare performances. There’s something so simple and pure about the tunes.

    But I’d also give my left nut (again, assuming I had one, even though I do have HUGE STONES metaphorically speaking) to be able to sing like him!

  4. Daisy Says:

    I would give BOTH of my metaphorical balls to sing like that! XD

  5. Mum Says:

    Aw, frak. I just realized I meant “figurative stones” rather than “metaphorical stones,” I think . . . ’cause saying I have huge stones isn’t a metaphor. I’ll have to get out my guide to rhetorical devices and figure that one out. But since it’s entirely in French you’ll just have to figure it out.

    Let’s see . . . I wonder if there’s any way I can actually gross you out in my comments. I’ll have to think about that. ❤

  6. Daisy Says:

    I… I don’t think there’s actually I way for you to gross me out…

  7. Mum Says:

    Okay. So, your readers won’t know this, but tonight you totally rolled over on the “Mum can’t gross me out” challenge. You admitted that I *could* gross you out, without me ever actually formulating a gross-out-statement.

    I could walk away. But I won’t. Because the Games Have Begun, and not following through would dishonor the Other Ty and his Redheaded Sidekick, Sean.

    So, to rub salt in the wounds, behold:

    Colonel Tigh, sans eyepatch, sans clothes. Anders in a Triad Costume, yeah baby, 1978 stylie.

    Those two, dressed thusly, getting it on with HOTDOG. Yes, HOTDOG. Who is gettin’ busy with Laura AND LAURA’S MOTHER. Mmm hmm, Hotdog and Laura and nekked Tigh and Anders-in-a-Triad-costume.

    Do I have a virtuous win?

  8. bookwormdaisy Says:

    VIRTUOUS win. I… I am puking almost. Thea can testify. Also, I was laughing to the point of tears. There is no one, I repeat, NO ONE who could look good in an old-fashioned Triad costume, no matter how muscletastic they are, *coughcoughAnders’smusclesareunhealthilyhuge.* And nekked Tigh without an eye… eeeeeeeeeew.

    And honestly, I love Hotdog to death (so to speak), he’s an awesome guy, but the words “Brendan Costanza” and “sex” should never be spoken in conjunction.

  9. Mum Says:

    Okaaay, you asked for it. Let the record reflect that bookwormdaisy has asked me to out-do the grossness of my last vignette.

    So. You’re inside a Cylon Raider. It’s all gooey and squishy and sero-sanguinous-fluid-yucky. And it’s probably warm. There’s not much space. And you’re crammed in there with . . .

    Bill Adama, who has the creepy mustache and is wearing a Triad uniform. Yes, 1978 Triad. He has packed his Triad uniform, in the style of Spinal Tap. You know.

    Adama’s entangled with the Raider guts and with Tigh, who, yes, is naked and sans eyepatch. Tigh is also getting busy with HOTDOG, whose attention is split between Tigh and Laura.

    HOTDOG is dressed like the 1940s WWII-style pinup boy tattoo that we saw on that guy’s arm the other night, complete with sailor cap and densely-packed bikini-thing-that-is-an-affront-to-everything-holy. Tigh is drunk and smelly, of course, and his gaping eye socket has yet to heal. You know what HOTDOG does next.

    Then you see the donut-loving, porky, long-haired, big-joweled Apollo, who’s joined the fun with Tigh and HOTDOG. (Hotdog hotdog hotdog HOTDOG) And yes, dear reader, Apollo. Is. Also. Wearing. A. Triad. Costume.

    And don’t forget Laura’s mother. She’s the Ellen Tigh of this Raider.

  10. Daisy Says:

    Oh, my good sweet lord. You just HAD to add an icky icky Raider and fat-tastic Apollo in a Triad suit, didn’t you? XD And creepy mustache! And yucky Sailor costume! You WIN!

  11. Daisy Says:

    No, YOU rock! XD

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