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BEWARE! THIS POST HAS HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS SPOILERS!!!!!!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS! I just thought this would be a fun discussion for the Potterheads, but I certainly do not want to spoil anyone. Proceed at your own risk.

Hi guys! It’s Daisy! I wonder why I say that? It’s like, “No, I thought you were Albus Dumbledore!” For the record, hi, my name is Daisy. I am not Albus Dumbledore.
Guess what??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! THE WHOMPY AND JFF HOUSE PARTY IS TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt and Justin are going to be IN OUR HOUSE! OMG!!!!! I totally won’t be able to concentrate tomorrow. I’m totally freaking out!

I was just listening to MC Kreacher. He is freaking amazing. He is my hero. Speaking of ***DEATHLY HALLOWS SPOILERS!!!!!*******, doesn’t DH just make you love Kreacher? It even makes you like Regulus, because he was just so nice to Kreacher. I mean, I know he was a DE, but once he realized why Kreacher was in the cave and that he was about to die, Regulus saved him from certain Inferi-related death. And when it would have been so easy for Regulus to make Kreacher drink the potion, he didn’t.

Look, I love love love Sirius. But, and I quote, “if you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals”, and Sirius treated Kreacher horribly. That’s one of the problems in the wizarding world. Just thinking about House-Elves, hardly anyone that we hear of treats House-Elves fairly. Hermione does, Dumbledore does, Harry learns to, and Regulus does. In fact, Regulus not only treated Kreacher fairly, Kreacher seemed to be one of Regulus’s best and closest friends. In fact, this brings me to my next point.

House-Elves will obey their masters because they have to, but the only people they will be nice to is the people who are nice to them. Dobby loved Harry because Harry set him free and, for the most part, treated him very well. The Hogwarts House-Elves, as far as we see, seem to like Dumbledore quite a lot. Winky is a strange case, because Mr. Crouch treated her poorly and she loved him. Also, she simply loved Barty, Jr. We never really get his full story, and correct me if I am wrong, but he seemed to have treated her okay as far as we know. Kreacher loved Regulus, who was probably his best friend, and started being nice to the Trio when they all started being nice to him, and, grudgingly at first, stopped calling Hermione “the Mudblood”. When Bellatrix and Narcissa came back, I’m guessing that Kreacher told them everything because they were kind to him. The evidence shows that Mrs. Black wasn’t mean to Kreacher, and we saw how much he loved her.

It’s probably pretty obvious how much I love House-Elves.

/S.P.E.W.-y rant.

Anyway, I should probably clean up my room (*sigh*) a bit so that Justin can sleep there! Squeee! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!


Awesome: Kreacher.
Unawesome: The way that people treat House-Elves.

Days until Wrockstock: 17
Days until the House Party: TOMORROW!
Days until my birthday: 10
Days until Halloween: 11


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