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I might die from Chapstick. September 28, 2009

Hello. If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, that’s because WORDPRESS IS STUPID. Just kidding, WordPress. Please don’t kill me. Anyway, it’s not like I’m on WordPress strike or whatever. The the fact of the matter is that my blog posts are not being posted. Why is this? It makes me angry.

Currently, I’m reading


3 Responses to “I might die from Chapstick.”

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  2. bookwormdaisy Says:

    Thank you, Abigail MacPherson. You are wise.

  3. […] happened. According to one Abigail MacPherson (I don’t even know anyone named Abigail), my blog post about Chapstick that I wrote back in September ‘09 “is actually the best on this laudable topic. I […]

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